10 Freaky Ingredients Found in McDonald’s Food that Will Make You SICK!

Try picturing a fat, juicy Big Mac with a side of fries.

Think the hot cooked beef, that sesame seed bun and melted cheese. Are you developing saliva at the thought of that? Well, brace yourself for the cold hard truth about the food the fast food chain proudly sells.

Many know McDonalds has a terrible reputation amongst health experts. Many have no understanding why this is the case. Well, obesity is the main big reason. When you see the ingredients the food has in it, you will rethink eating there again.

Let’s have a look at 10 freaky McDonald’s ingredients that should flip your appetite off the stuff for good.

1.Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium sulfate is an impure salt. It is primarily used as a fertilizer. It is found in Monsanto’s Roundup to increase effectiveness. It is also a flame retardant! Consuming this chemical can cause disruptions of body hormones.

2. Silicone Oil

McDonalds say that silicone oil isn’t in their chicken nuggets and that they are safe for public consumption. Think again, it is added in them and the oil is used to make contact lenses. It is known as dimethylpolysiloxane or silicone oil, the chemical is widely utilized in lubricants, caulking and silly putty. This oil is non-biodegradable, and is starting to not be used in breast implants. Due to safety concerns, any spill of the chemical into water can harm all marine life. But, McLogic wants you to eat the nuggets laced with the chemical!


TBHQ is found in crackers, chips and, fast food, cosmetic products, lacquers and resins. Despite TBHQ being labeled as “totally safe,” the FDA has imposed a strict limit on how much of the stuff can be placed in our food. Studies show that eating TBHQ in the long term can cause an aggravation in ADHD symptoms, damaged DNA and stomach cancer.
Many people wrongly claim that fast food is more affordable to eat. Honestly, There’s a good chunk of people out there who eat McDonalds on a regular basis for long periods of time.

4. Propylene Glycol

Do you enjoy anti-freeze with your food? Well, I don’t. I prefer putting it in my car so I can wash my windows. Propylene glycol is water-absorbent and used as a burn treatment, where it can have many negative side effects when around your body for lengthy periods of time. You will have more sensitivity if you have eye problems, skin problems or allergies will be adversely affected. It also can result in depression of the central nervous system.

5. Carminic Acid

This acid is made by insects to prevent predators, but it isn’t human repellent. About 70,000 insects are killed, soaked, and crushed in alcohol to make a pound of dye. Of course, the fast food industry won’t talk about it; animal cruelty is a business practice actually. Carminic acid also is directly linked to diarrhea, asthma and a host of many nasty bugs.

6. Cellulose

Known was processed wood pulp, cellulose is in all fast food products. It’s in the salad dressing, muffins, cheese, chocolate syrup. It is a main ingredient in many low-carb foods. Its a fake carbohydrate that makes up for much of the substance in the food. So, you are eating a ton of carbs in the burger but eating indigestible wood. Not too good!

7. Industrial Sand

Referred to as silica, industrial sand is made to create glass, cement and optical fibers. Many fast food restaurants like McDonalds use this in their meat to keep it from clumping up. Dangerous to inhale; in industrial environments, hazmat suits and masks are on workers to protect them. When it comes to your burger? you can have it all. Gotta enjoy the McLogic.

8. Cysteine-L

An amino acid, Cysteine-L is from human hair and duck feathers. It is in meat flavoring and is used to soften pastries and bread. WebMD finds that it can induce symptoms such as diarrhea, low blood pressure, liver issues, vomiting, fever, rash, headache, drowsiness and constipation.

9. Prescription Medications

In chicken feed, there is an alarming amount of prescription medication including some banned drugs and antidepressants. John Hopkins University conducted a study and found that, the banned medications end up in our chicken products within fast-food restaurants.

10. Dimethylpolysiloxane

This is commonly used in silly putty and breast implants. Many foods from McDonalds have a known carcinogen, formaldehyde, within them and it is enough to scare you. Want some fries and a Big Mac now?

Source: http://www.organicandhealthy.org/2017/03/10-freaky-ingredients-found-in.html

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