These 10 Habits Will Seriously Damage Your Kidneys!

Kidneys are small, and unless we’re having trouble with them, we tend not to think about them. When things go wrong, though, they go terribly wrong – often thanks to these ten habits!

If you have problems with any of the following habits, you could be putting your kidneys at serious risk!

1. Chronic dehydration. 

Without proper hydration, your kidney’s cant adequately filter your blood, meaning toxins can accumulate. That can cause serious long-term problems!

2. High sodium intake. 

Too much salt in your diet can raise blood pressure, which puts undue stress on the kidneys.

3. High sugar intake.

High sugar intake can contribute to excess protein in your urine – a sign the kidneys aren’t working right.

4. Holding your urine. 

Waiting to pee puts excess pressure on your bladder and stresses kidney function, which can lead to kidney failure and kidney stones.

5. Vitamin and mineral deficiency. 

Failure to keep a balanced diet can mean your kidneys don’t get vitamins and minerals they need to function properly.

6. Excess caffeine consumption. 

Caffeine raises blood pressure and stresses your kidneys, just as salt does.

7. Excess animal protein. 

Animal proteins increase the metabolic load on your kidneys – which stresses them hard.

8. Sleep deprivation. 

The kidneys work best when your sleeping – so not getting enough sleep stresses them unreasonably.

9. Painkiller abuse. 

This includes over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen.

10. Alcohol abuse. 

Alcohol stresses the kidneys and liver – not good!

The video below offers some helpful tips:


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