100% of California Wines Tested Found to Contain Glyphosate – Including Organic Wines

Recently, Moms Across America received test results from Microbe Inotech Lab which showed 10 different California wines tested positive for glyphosate contamination, including organic brands.

Ten different brands of California wines were tested, including organic varieties. Of these 10, 100% were found to contain what the World Health Organization has deemed “a probable carcinogen.”

This is a huge problem. Organic vineyard owners who claimed to have never sprayed their property with chemicals are finding glyphosate in their product, likely due to over-spraying, or airborne drift.

Because glyphosate can remain active in the soil for over 20 years, a farmer who uses Roundup can effectively contaminate a neighboring organic farmer’s crops for decades without them knowing.

By now, you know well the dangers of glyphosate – this just goes to prove how hard it is to avoid.

There are toxins and poisons everywhere.

Trying to control what is really going in your body is becoming harder and harder. Even our organic products are becoming unknowingly tainted.

If this isn’t proof that we need to be growing our own food, then what will be?

Source: http://livetheorganicdream.com/100-california-wines-tested-found-contain-glyphosate-including-organic-wines/

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