100,000 German Beekeepers Just Called For A Ban On GMOs

We all know the bees are dying, and our world’s future – and the future of our food – could be at risk, but what is being done about it? According to 100,000 German beekeepers, a ban on GMO’s could be the answer.

In the wake of what many are now referring to as colony collapse disorder, the German Beekeepers Association (DIB) is calling for a nationwide ban on GMO cultivation.

While pro-GMO advocates say the position is “unfounded” and “lacks scientific justification,” the beekeepers are standing firm – pointing to the known damage tied to herbicides and pesticides and noting that the falling bee population is no small matter.

Beekeepers are hoping that the Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU) will soon administer a nationwide ban. At this point, they – and the rest of the world – need action to be taken to preserve the declining numbers of pollinating bees.

We agree with the DIB’s statement: “Bees know no borders.”

For this reason, it is essential individuals recognize the importance of bees and band together to educate themselves and others on what we can do to help sustain them.

Source: http://www.organicandhealthy.org/2017/03/100000-german-beekeepers-just-called.html

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