12 Ways Microwaves Are Destroying Your Health!

Microwaves are a kitchen appliance which relies on radiation to warm up and prepare food. Since their invention, microwaves have been incredibly popular and are present in almost any home on Earth.

However, they may not be so healthy as advertised.

Microwaves use tiny particles which pass through the food and rub molecules together in order to produce intense heat. Many people consider them safe for use and not harmful at all, but there are many studies which have found a link between this kitchen appliance and serious health problems such as infertility or cancer.

Animals eat their food raw and rarely suffer from any health problems. However, humans cook their food before consumption (most often in microwaves) and eat a diet rich in processed and canned food which is a serious health concern. Microwaves certainly kill the bacteria present in food, but they also diminish the rich nutritional profile of whatever you’re cooking. Experts say that microwaved food loses 60-90% of its nutritional value, and even worst, the appliance alters the nutrients within the food which can lead to digestive problems and cancer.

There’s also another problem linked to microwaves – their leaking radiation. The FDA has set optimal radiation leakage limits for microwaves, but many brands have products that constantly leak more than the allowed amount. Leaking radiation has been associated with cancer, birth defects, cataract and other serious health problems. Russia has banned microwaves since 1976 after linking them to a variety of problems.

In 1991, Swiss scientist Hans Ulrieh Hertel linked microwave-warmed food to a higher risk of several health problems. He also discovered that people who use the appliance regularly have lower hemoglobin and lymphocyte levels. In 2003, a Spanish study revealed that fruit and veggies heated in microwaves may be one of the many reasons for heart problems.

Several other studies from the last few decades have associated microwaves with serious health problems. Some studies suggest the appliance is carcinogenic and responsible for a variety of cancers. There are no atoms or tissues that can withstand the radiation from microwaves, which is why they eliminate almost all the nutrients within any kind of food. Besides harming the body, microwaves have also been found to harm the blood.

Here are the 12 worst microwaves effects:

  • Eating food cooked in microwaves often can cause numerous health problems such as various types of cancer;
  • Microwaves have been linked to blood and lymph changes;
  • The constant use of microwaves has a negative effect on our metabolism;
  • Microwaves can cause the deterioration of intracellular membranes;
  • They have been linked to impaired nerve function;
  • Microwaves are related to loss of stability;
  • A microwave may affect plants, animals and humans within a 500-meter range!
  • Microwaves can disrupt the levels of several important hormones;
  • They have been linked to a disruption of alpha, theta and delta brain waves;
  • Microwaves have been linked with numerous psychological problems.

Besides destroying most of the nutrients within foods, microwaves also release carcinogens which can damage the body beyond repair. They have been associated with digestive cancer, lymph and blood problems as well as several neurological impairments. In order to reduce the risk of these disorders, we suggest heating your food the traditional way. Use a skillet or pan instead of microwaves to keep yourself healthy and reduce the risk of several diseases and conditions.

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