13 Stunning Reason why Hydrogen Peroxide Should be a Crucial Part of your Home Pharmacy

Hydrogen peroxide is an antibacterial agent which consists of water and of oxygen. The indispensable piece of equipment in any clinic,home pharmacy and first aid kit.

Hydrogen peroxide is considered the safest natural disinfectant. It kills microorganisms by being oxidized. Hydrogen peroxide has many different uses in the house, used to maintain good health, hygiene and cleaning.

Strengthens the immune system

Our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide over certain leukocytes ie. white blood cells. It helps the body fight bacteria, viruses and toxins.

Water purifier

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used for purification of water. Add half a liter of hydrogen peroxide to 4 liters of water and thus the water will remain safe and clean.

Antiseptic mouthwash

Hydrogen peroxide is perfect for rinsing the mouth. He will help to whiten teeth and kill germs that are responsible for bad breath. It was revealed that hydrogen peroxide is a very effective mouthwash.


Hydrogen peroxide can help you stay out of the cold. Pour a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ears and colds will be missed.


If you mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, for example, you can get an effective toothpaste thst will whiten the teeth and oral cavity will be disinfected.

Remove cerumen

Hydrogen peroxide can help you easily remove ear wax. Just put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears. After a minute or two, put a few drops of olive oil. After a few minutes, squeeze the liquid out of your ears. This will clean the wax out of your ears.


The body produces hydrogen peroxide in order to fight against infections. White blood cells known as leukocytes. In leokocytes include neutrophils, and they produce hydrogen peroxide. This creates a first line of defense of the body of toxins, bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi.

Eye protection

You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean contact lenses – which is very effective in eliminating dust that can accumulate on the lens over time.

Sinus infections

Clogged sinuses can be painful. Spoon 3% hydrogen peroxide, add to 1 cup of non-chlorinated water and use as a nasal spray. You can adjust the amount of hydrogen peroxide, depending on the seriousness of the problem.


Hydrogen peroxide can also help to cure a toothache. Mix a little coconut oil with hydrogen peroxide and use this mixture to rinse your mouth. The antibacterial properties of the hydrogen peroxide will help to eliminate bacteria that cause toothache.

Hand disinfection

Hydrogen peroxide is a great wounds disinfector , and can be used for hand washing.
Just spray the arms with it.

Keeps vegetables fresh

Add ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide in a sink full of cold water and put vegetables in it. Keep fruit submerged for about 15 minutes, then rinse and leave to dry.

Heal the wounds of your pet

You can apply hydrogen peroxide on wounds of animals, just as you would use a cleaning wounds in humans. Carefully apply hydrogen peroxide to the wound of your pet and it will help wounds heal within a few days.

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