7 Natural Remedies for Treating Fungal Infection, Gout and Callus

These natural remedies will help you easily get rid of fungal infection, gout and callus in short period of time.

Soaking the feet in the mouth wash for half an hour a day, will eliminate fungal infections because it contains important antifungal ingredients, which are also found in alcohol, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

If you have a fungal infection on the hands or feet, soak them every day in mouth wash for two weeks.

In the case of “athlete’s foot“, additionally put garlic as a coating between the toes and leave it to act for 24 hours.

At pain caused by gout – use magnesium sulfate. This salt greatly reduces pain and inflammation.

According to recent research, consumption of too much sugar is closely related to the occurrence of gout, so if you are trying to heal, stop eating sugar. Instead, eat cherries and strawberries to reduce inflammation.

Use onion to get rid of calluses on the foot. Simply cut a round slice of onion, soak it in vinegar and apply it as a coating on the thickened skin. Fix with sock and repeat the procedure until the callus is softened and can easily be removed.

Corns can be treated with deodorant spray. The procedure may be unpleasant and painful, but the area around the blister will dry out and the healing process will accelerate.

In the case of corns you can apply some Vaseline, and then cover the area with gauze.

You can use also a chili pepper coating, as they are rich in capsaicin which can reduce swelling and relieve pain, because it calms the nerves.

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