8 Amazing Ways To Prevent Mental Burnout Now!

Mental burnout appears when you’re exhausted, feel fatigue, under great chronic stress etc. It’s also called ‘adrenal fatigue‘. People often:

  • Feel exhausted constantly
  • They just want to sleep or watch something on TV
  • Feel mildly depressed, chronically anxious or stressed
  • Have problems like recurrent colds, low libido or brain fog
Can You Somehow Prevent Mental Burnout?

You can luckily eliminate it, but if we say you need to eliminate all things that are causing you stress, we’d be lying. We know that it isn’t possible. There will always be some people that will cause you drama, work, bills, groceries, relationship problems etc.

Responding To Stress 101

Our body can only work in 2 phases: 1) fight or flight and 2) rest and digest.

The mode called ‘fight or flight’ is also called the sympathetic nervous system happens when the body releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline as a response to a stressor. When the body sends more oxygen or glucose to the brain as well as the limbs it is done by the hormones. Then, we should know how to act in a situation that is stressful.

The other mode, rest and digest mode, is also called the parasympathetic nervous system. It usually appears when you’re in a state that is happier, more calm and peaceful.  

Your Mental Health Is Important

You need to understand that your mental health is very important. If you don’t have good mental health, you won’t be able to have good relationships with your friends and family as well as to have a quality career.

As soon as this appears, you’ll be more calm and you’ll respond to any stressful situation with more calmness.

Here’s A 14-Day Experiment That Will Help You Prevent Mental Burnout

Take some time in the mornings

You can run, do some exercises, have something for breakfast and drink lemon water, but make sure you do it for 1 hour. Start feeling calm and fresh every day.

Reduce the usage of social media

Many experts claim that the time people spend watching at irrelevant things on Facebook or Instagram makes the feel depressed or filled with anxiety.

Start by removing some notifications. Limit your time for checking to 10 minutes tops.  

Start using adaptogen herbs

This kind of herbs will help your adrenal glands to recover, so you’ll cope better with stress as well as stressful situations.

Whenever a crisis appears, you’ll feel like in a state of zen. Other symptoms of adrenal fatigue will also improve.

There are various blends that you can take. They’re like stress formulas and you can take them for as long as you want to.

Create boundaries and learn how to say ‘no’

In case you have some plans as well as free time, you might accept it, but if you feel tired to do something or you’d rather stay at home, you can say ‘no’.

It’s all up to you. You need to create boundaries.

Listen to your intuition

If your mind is saying that it needs a break, don’t push yourself to do some chores or extra work. Do whatever you feel. The world won’t stop there. You’ll have more time to relax.

Sit and stare at the wall

Even if you’re restless, you need to start doing this. No matter how active you are, giving your mind a break is really necessary. Only that will help you become more aware of your behavior and mental patterns.

Create a soothing environment

You’ll only have to find a relaxing music, dim the lights, use a diffuser with essential oils etc. Anything that soothes you will do fine.

Go for aimless strolls and walks

We usually go to the bank or to pick up the groceries, but for this, you’ll just need to walk without any cause. You need to take aimless walks and strolls, without a purpose, time limit or walking pace. Discover new streets, shortcuts etc. Feel free to leave your feet to take you anywhere. You just need the will to explore and let yourself go!  

The Results

You’ll soon reach a very peaceful state of mind. You won’t be able to remove all of the stress, but at least you’ll feel calmer. You’ll pay more attention to your mental health. You’ll work less and you’ll pay less attention to the social media. Try this mental challenge now and you’ll see it’s countless benefits!

Source: https://alternativehealthuniverse.com/8-amazing-ways-prevent-mental-burnout/

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