8 Foods Which Can Lower Uric Acid Levels

Our body creates uric acid as a by-product from the decomposition of purines, which are compounds that are found in foods like beans, beer, seafood and sodas. This uric acid is normally eliminated from the body through the detox processes, but when the levels of uric acid become increased our body isn’t able to eliminate all of it. In such a case we start experiencing problems like pain in the toes and fingers, kidney stones and gout.

Elevated uric acid levels in the body usually lead to a condition called hyperuricemia and this condition can lead to skin problems, gout, diabetes, metabolic acidosis, renal failure, kidney disease, lead poising and toxemia in pregnant women.

If you experience this problem, don’t worry because elevated uric acid levels can easily be lowered with the help of certain foods which have the natural ability to help you with this issue.

Here’s what you need to include in your diet if you have increased levels of uric acid:

Carrots – Regular consumption of carrots will promote your overall health and prevent uric acid crystallization.

Bananas – These tropical fruits are also effective at lowering excess uric acid levels in the body.

Cucumbers, tomatoes and broccoli – All three of these veggies can prevent uric acid crystallization.

Celery – Will help you restore the uric acid levels back to normal and prevent complications.

Water – Water helps the body detox process and prevents toxins, waste and excess uric acids from accumulating in the body.

Cherries – Cherries contain anthyocyanins which naturally reduce the levels of uric acid in the body and prevent uric acid crystals from forming in the joints.

Artichokes – Another veggie with potent diuretic properties and lots of fiber, vitamins and proteins which help prevent the uric acid accumulation in the body.

Onions – Onions also prevent complications from elevated uric acids in the body and can help you lower them.

Apples – These fruits are loaded with a number of nutrients which protect your health and prevent uric acid crystallization.

Lime – This citrus fruit is rich in citric acid which prevent elevated uric acids in the body.

Green tea – Green tea is healthy overall but it’s especially beneficial in preventing gout.

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