8 Secrets how to Slow Down Aging

If you constantly think on how to look young and fresh at your age, believe me you are not alone. Each of us aims towards a healthy and youthful appearance. But what is his secret?

“Mysterious secret” lies in following a few simple tips that can apply to anyone!

Drink green tea

Those who drink green tea have an advantage over those who do not consume drinks with high amounts of antioxidants, which stimulate the metabolism and at the same time carry other utilities to health, as beautiful and healthy skin.

Consume fish oil

Fish oil is known source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti inflamatory properties that are needed to fight the signs of aging. Consumption of fish oil, either directly or in another form, stimulates the immune and improves the cardiovascular system, accelerate hair growth and makes your skin look young and supple.

Rub with sesame oil

According to experts, Massage each morning with sesame oil moisturizes the skin, removes dead cells and stimulates blood circulation, giving the skin a healthy and shiny appearance. After applying take a shower and gently rub the skin of the body, to flush dead skin cells.

Protect yourself from the sun

The sun is a great source of vitamin D, but again, excessive exposure to sunlight is harmful because UV rays damage the skin if longer be exposed to the sun. So before you go out, apply protective skin cream with a high factor.

Say no to white sugar

White sugar is known for it acceleration of aging through that binds to collagen and weakens the quality of the skin, causing premature aging. Therefore, when you want to eat something good, forget the cookies and reach for a tasty fruit.

On the other hand, to get a smooth skin, some experts recommend applying a mix of sugar and gentle cleaner skin.


Exercise not only get you in good physical shape, but it helps the body to throw out toxins and free radicals through sweat, which slows the aging process. Exercise boosts the blood circulation, which transports oxygen to all parts of the body, contributing to its proper functioning. If you are sitting more thru the day, it is high time to change your lifestyle to look younger and more importantly, be healthy and vital in the long term.

Massage against stress

Stress can be a killer for the skin to strip the skin its natural glow. More stress means faster aging. Appear wrinkles and fine lines, hair loses shine and you are unfriendly and you feel that your stress l consuming force. Fast way to enhance the mood is massage. A good body massage and reflexology can equally miracle. If you can get a massage, you can meditate and do breathing exercises for about 20 minutes to calm down your mind.

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