The Amazing Benefits Of Epsom Salt for Your Health and Home

Here’s a good question: When is salt, not salt? The answer: When it’s Epsom Salt!

You see, Epsom Salt isn’t salt at all- its real name is magnesium sulfate. It’s a mixture of magnesium, and a compound called sulfate. Epsom Salt is popular for being added to baths, in order to supply the body’s level to its main two natural chemical ingredients, cause absorption through our skin is the perfect way of consuming these essential ingredients into our bodies. The benefits behind epsom salt is fantastic.

The history of Epsom Salt
Originally from a fresh spring in Epsom, Surrey, England, it is where the water rises through the layers of porous chalk and non-porous London clay, which actually forms the hills in the region, Epsom Downs. Epsom salt’s history starts back to its discovery in 1618, where a farmer in Epsom had realized his cows were hesitant in drinking the water he had on his farm because of its battery taste. He then came to a realization that this bitter-tasting water had the ability to fasten the healing of skin ailments such as rashes and scratches. This was when Epson Salt had been started.
“Epsom Salts” was first named by a chemist, Nehemiah Grew, in his book that he had written in 1695 on the subject of “bitter purging salt”. It was the town of Epsom that that had been known to be one of the first spa towns ever. In later years, other towns overtook Epsom due to their ability to produce much greater amounts of water.
Looking and feeling good
The benefits of Epsom Salt, for many years, has been well-known for its benefits in general health and well-being, and beauty treatment. It is the the aspect of health and well-being that is of utmost importance in following a holistic-healthy lifestyle— of course, there isn’t anything wrong with beauty too!
Benefits of Epsom Salt as a Beauty Treatment
There are two uses of this salt, as beauty treatments, for improving skin health, and keeping your hair healthy.
Epsom Salt and Skin Health
Our bodies are producing new cells at a fast rate. As old cells die off, new ones replace them at about 1 million a day. It’s something of a crazy thought, that the dust on your house is made up mostly of your dead skin cells. In one year, we shed eight pounds of dead skin. Dust mites live on us or bits of our dead cells. Our outer layer of skin is covered in dead-skin constantly. If not fully removed, they will stay there and clog up new skin cells. Which is exactly why we all exfoliate. It is the way that we take off all of the dead skin, which then leaves us with new and healthy skin that can breathe and looks mighty clean.
Epsom salt is a great exfoliator
You will have to apply something a little abrasive in order to successfully exfoliate your skin. If the item you use is too abrasive to your skin, it will make your skin become really sore. Always apply epsom salt in handfuls to damp/wet skin, then rub well. You can then take a shower or or take a nice warm bath with epsom salt. A great tip for skin health- add in up to 1/2 cup of olive oil into your bathtub filled with water- it will act as a moisturizer for your skin. Use whatever level of oil that is comfortable to you depending on your skins oil content.
Epsom Salt as an Acne treatment
Epsom salt has benefits for our bouts of acne that we all are repulsed by. The aspect of exfoliation is imperative to skin pore’s overall health. The anti-microbial effect in sulfate is also proven to help ward off bacteria that acne thrives on.
Epsom Salt as a hair care treatment
Interestingly, Epsom Salt can be utilized as a treatment for hair in the removal of toxins, scalp cleanliness, and adds volume to hair. Add in your hair-conditioner in equal portions; apply well into your scalp, and then leave alone for about 20 minutes. After, wash your hair out with warm-water.
The Benefits of Epsom Salt for Health and Well-Being
The benefits of Epsom salt is that it’s great for health in general and our well-being! As previously mentioned in the beginning, the most efficient way of receiving the highest health benefit from this salt is to add into your bath water- two cups of it per bathtub will do the trick for you!
The roles of magnesium and sulfate
Magnesium is an important element, that has multiple roles in aiding our body to work at optimal capacity. It’s imperative in the activity and regulation of over 325 enzymes, of which some are responsible in lowering inflammation, strengthen muscles and nerve function, and keeps your arteries from hardening. To add in the many helpful benefits of magnesium, the sulfate in Epsom salt aids in the increase of our bodies absorption of important key nutrients, as well as having the ability to promote detoxification. These two critical compounds of this salt give many good benefits to our health, including:
  • Helps to lower bruise inflammation
  • Helps to relieve joint pain
  • Prevents any hardening of the arteries
  • Prevents blood clots from forming
  • Relaxes and soothes muscles that are sore
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Helps aid the body in detoxing itself
  • Improves the structural integrity of your bones
  • Reduces any risk of diabetes with enhanced insulin management
  • Soothes any sprain pain
  • Aids your body into preparation for a good night’s rest
The above listed health benefits of Epsom Salt are received when taking a warm bath about 2-3 times a week. When given differently, there are certain other health benefits that the salt can offer too.
  • Foot health: Add just a cup of this salt to a bowl of warm water and soak your feet to alleviate any pain in your feet; eliminates odor, and softens rough and hardened skin.
  • To treat constipation: Epsom salt can be an excellent laxative to help alleviate any constipation. All you have to do is add 1tsp to water in a glass. The magnesium sulfate in epsom salt is able to draw water into the bowels. It then softens your stools. which helps them pass through easily. Consult with your doctor or other physician before any usage.
  • Bug bites and skin inflammation: Add in a dissolved 1tbsp of Epsom salt into a glass half-filled with warm water. Allow cooling before applying to the swollen/itchy area.
  • Mild sunburn: You can utilize the same as described above, in bug bites and skin inflammation, to help treat and alleviate your mild sunburn.
Make room for Epsom Salt in your holistic health medicine cabinet
Always make sure you have some epsom salt in your medicine cabinet. It is a great natural way of means, to treat certain health conditions and in improving overall health and well-being. When administered in the right setting such as a relaxing and soothing bath, the above described can be of great help for you.

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