Bad News For Dads: Babies ‘Should Share Mother’s Bed Until Age Three’ Because It’s Good For Their Hearts

If you have a child, you probably hear a lot of advices on parenting from all the people around you. It’s justified in some cases, although most of the advices you hear are nothing but rubbish, especially when they came from couples without children.

On the other hand, there isn’t a list of what you should or shouldn’t do in regards to your children. There’s really no list of right or wrong things you can do, but some things are more important in parenting than others. When talking about parenting, you can safely listen to experts such as pediatricians, as they can give a lot of good advices thanks to their experience. Recently, one pediatrician came out with a controversial statement, claiming that children should sleep with their mother until the age of three.

Dr. Nils Bergman from the Cape Town University in South Africa says that there is a biological reason behind his claim. According to Dr. Bergman, sharing a bed with their mother until they are three strengthens their developing heart, and also prevents damage to the brain which can later lead to bad behavior. Although some studies have found out that sleeping with a parent actually leads to more infant deaths, there’s now mounting evidence that the bond infants create with their mother this way actually improves their development.

Dr. James McKenna from the University of Notre Dame and a leading author of books on parenting confirms Dr. Bergman’s claims. He says that research has showed that the countries with the highest number of infants sleeping with their mothers have the lowest mortality rates, and it isn’t simple by a chance. Of course, when advising the public on the topic there are also other factors to consider. “When babies are smothered to death in their cribs, it’s not because of the presence of their mother. In fact, toxic fumes, cigarettes, alcohol and big toys are the real culprits,” Dr. Bergman explained in an article in The Independent. He further went on to say that animal studies have discovered that a combination of sleep deprivation and stress lead to bad behavior in teenagers as well as brain changes brought on by stress hormones that make it difficult for the child to form normal relationships later in their life.

Regardless on your opinion on the matter, it’s very important to read Dr. McKenna’s and Dr. Bergman’s articles before drawing any conclusions.


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