Baking Soda Shampoo: It Will Make Your Hair Grow Like It Is Magic

We all have baking soda at home, we commonly use it for a number of things from baking and cooking to cleaning and skin care, it’s one of the most versatile ingredients in the world. The best thing about baking soda is that it’s cheap and affordable but its health benefits are unrivaled.

What many people don’t know about baking soda is that it can actually prevent hair loss and boost hair growth like no other ingredient. It can also be used like a natural shampoo and clean your hair and also soften it like no other conditioner can.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to start using baking soda instead of your regular shampoo:

Stimulates Hair Growth

Baking soda can clean our hair naturally and make it soft, shiny and healthy. It will also help you prevent hair loss and boost its growth. If you want to have long, healthy hair you need to start using baking soda to wash your hair, trust us you’ll be amazed by the results.

Remove Chlorine

Tap water contains many chemicals which can damage our hair, including chlorine which can actually change the color of your hair. Baking soda is amazing because it can eliminate the chlorine and prevent the potential damage.

Cleanse Hair Product Residue

We commonly use all sorts of hair products and sometimes they stay in the hair even after we’ve washed it. However, if you start using baking soda you’ll never have to worry about this because it’s excellent at cleansing your hair from all the dirt, grease and hair products, leaving behind clean, shiny and healthy looking hair.

How to Prepare a Baking Soda Shampoo

Preparing this amazing baking soda shampoo is super simple and easy and all you need is some baking soda and water.

Combine the water and the baking soda in a 3:1 ratio depending on the length of your hair. Longer hair requires more shampoo than shorter hair, so make the math and prepare as much as you need. If you have shoulder length hair you’ll need about 1tbsp of baking soda and 3tbsp. of water. You can even use it on dry hair.

Apply the shampoo on your roots, rub it in gently and go all the way to your hair ends. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

Afterwards you should combine ACV and some water in 4:1 ratio and rinse your hair with the mixture for best results. Make sure the mixture doesn’t get into your eyes.

Using this mixture regularly will make your hair grow faster and longer and will make it look healthy, shiny and revitalized.

Acne Recipe

Aside from making a shampoo, baking soda can also be used for the treatment of acne and pimples. Again the recipe is super simple and easy, all you need is some baking soda and water.

Combine 1tsp. of baking soda and some water to get a paste and apply this paste on the acne and pimples directly. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes and rinse it off with some cold water.

Perform this method daily for 2-3 days and then reduce its use to once or twice a week. It has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect which will make your skin looking amazing.

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