The Best 7 Uses Of Mango Leaves You Never Knew

The mango is the healthy tropical fruit we all love. It originates from India and has many benefits. It is also  found in many countries.

When we talk about the mango leaves, we know they are green or reddish and turn dark green after some time.


Vitamin C

Vitamin B

Vitamin A





Diabetes– these leaves have tannins and anthocyanins for diabetes early stage curing. Simply dry the leaves, crush them into powder and cure diabetes in early stages.

Also get infusion method too. The diabetic angiopathy and retinopathy are the 2 main problems cured with mango leaves. To cure this have a cup water at night, soak the leaves in it and strain-drink.

This has the item ethyl acetate and 3betaraxerol. This works with insulin for activation in GLUT4 and helps for synthesis of glycogen. This can cure hyperglycemia.

No restlessness– this is due to anxiety and if we cannot find a solution we might get worse. You can see this in Indian homes, hanging at the door step. Also use them in bath water or make tea and add this in the tub. This will soothe and refresh you.

Less pressure– the leaf can lower blood pressure and make blood vessels stronger.

Breathing problems-people who have cold, asthma and similar illness can use the leaf. Boil it in water and add honey. It is good against cold, flu, and voice loss.

No dysentery– dry mango leaf powder in water is taken for 3 days.

Healing burns– for this, make ashes of powdered leaves. Apply the ash on the area and relieve pains.

Ear pain– get the juice of mango leaf, take one spoon, heat it a bit and use it as ear drop.


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