The Best Exercise For Poor Body Posture

This is the best exercise for poor body posture.

Poor body posture is not beautiful scenery and over time can start to exhaust you and it reflect on your body. Nowadays more and more people have problems with that.

Overweight, excessive sitting at the computer, stress – it can all contribute to this problem. Our back muscles become weaker and weaker.

Lie down on your stomach with the face to the floor. Slowly and carefully lift the upper body with your head up. Lift your body as much as you can, do not do anything by force. Keep your hands next to your body and the palms on the hips. This exercise activates the muscles of the back and the leg muscles. Do this exercise for ten minutes.

For the first time it is enough to lift yourself ten times. Repeat the exercise every day and gradually increase the number of Uplifting. Over time, your back will strengthen and straighten, and you will have no problems with improper posture.

poor body posture

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