Beware: All of These Foods are Produced in China, and Can Cause Cancer and Other Dangerous Diseases!

Recently published quite alarming article at the false rice in the US is produced in China.

That rice, believe it or not, is made out of plastic, but after the announcement of this knowledge, competent, as far as its known, did nothing.

Plastic rice? It sounds dangerous because swallowing even a small amount of plastic is terrible for the digestive system and hormones. BPA (Bisphenol A is a chemical compound with two phenol functional groups) in plastic mimics estrogen and progesterone in the body reacts violently when swallowed bisphenol. Consumed plastic rice basically means the risk of premature death from cancer.

It is not uncommon to hear something crazy from China, but data on the suspected food is always particularly unpleasant.

China uses its own innovative methods for cheaper production of technology products, toys and other goods to the consumer, but the application of that thinking about food is even more dangerous.

Largely concern how some companies are willing to go far in the race for profit. These are 10 foods that are particularly dangerous.

1. Tilapia

Tilapia, also known as “water chicken” is commonly cultivated fish in China and one of the most dangerous and most unhealthy fish that can be encountered.

It is grown in small pools of sewage, it is resistant, and selective breeding scientists have received today’s industrial type: big fish with a small head and a small tail, with internal organs that enable rapid absorption of food.

Simply grown and is perfect for production because sales reaches a weight of one kilogram for about 9 months. Americans eat more than 250 million kilograms tilapia is loved by all, especially schools and hospitals because there is no taste of fish.

Compared to other species, tilapia contain relatively small amounts of healthy fatty acids – omega 3. Exporting frozen in packages with carbon monoxide to preserve color and the fish look fresh and melts before the merchandising.

2. Cod fish

Cod fish is just another type of fish being grown in China. Popular fish is not healthy because it lives in the sea but in their own waste. Currently, more than half of cod fish which is marketed in the US comes from China.

3. Apple juice

Believe it or not, half of the requested apple juice sold in the US comes from China, which is the largest producer of pesticides in the world and no practice for displaying data on all ingredients and level of contamination of food. Fruit juice, in addition, is extremely rich in sugar.

4. Processed mushrooms

US investigators found infected mushrooms from China. Some producers in China are willing to label processed mushrooms as organic just to increase their income.

But typically “Googling” it can easily be seen that there are numerous, completely false “properties of mushrooms” in China, where the market comes even 34% of processed mushrooms. Make it the best you can – if you love mushrooms then buy local and organic!

5. Garlic

Before 10 years there were cases where inspection services would find infected garlic from China but today its sale is not completely excluded.

Garlic, and more extensive, is sprayed with chemicals. So leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Chinese garlic has flooded Western markets, and only a third sold in the US comes from China.

6. Chicken

In 2013 the US Department of Agriculture has approved the sale of Chinese chicken in America. Many experts are concerned about accuracy because it comes from a country that is still present the bird flu and diseases transmitted by food.

Moreover, overpopulated country that environmental standards are very low and the pollution is highlighted in mass PRODUCTION and dirty industry.

7. Plastic rice

It is thought that the false, plastic rice is made from potatoes and synthetic resin. When cooked it remains stiff and not as ordinary rice. It is thought that the long-term effects of these foods can be carcinogenic.

8. Dirt – sold as black pepper

Peppers in history served even as a substitute for money and today suppliers in China tend to collect dirt (toxic) and sold as black pepper. With the addition of flour are offered as white pepper. The logic is, if you sell things away from home you can call them as you please!

Especially in China, where there isn’t a great responsibility and attention to food safety or regulatory systems in place.

9. Industrial salt

Industrial salt is inappropriate for human consumption but know that the markets are emerging as table salt. Industrial salt can cause mental and physical problems, especially problems with the slow work of the thyroid gland, as well as disorders of the reproductive system.

10. Peas

Another crazy unreal product, false peas have created in 2005. False peas is created from soy, green and sodium metabisulphite (chemicals used for bleaching and as a preservative).

This color is not allowed to use the products because it can cause cancer, and prevent natural ability to absorb calcium. The peas will also don’t get soft when cooked, and the water gets unnaturally green. So, avoid the peas from China.

From China come some of the worst food on the planet. That country produces more pesticides than any other country in the world, which means that the food is unlikely spicy chemicals. It is one of the most contaminated areas in the world with 70% of polluted rivers, poisoned air and refitted full of toxic substances and by-products as waste penetrate the surrounding area.

Study last year said that the air in Beijing is also polluted and causing damage to the liver and lungs as smoking 40 cigarettes a day.

How to avoid it if you drink apple juice, onions or mushrooms from China? The only way to defend the purchase of domestic products known manufacturer or supplier.


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