Cabbage: One Of The Most Effective Foods Often Used To Heal Stomach Ulcer, Detoxify Liver, And Stop Inflammation

High fiber. Low calorie. Anti-inflammatory super food. Do you know what vegetable we’re talking about?

If you guessed cabbage, congratulations!

Cabbage truly is one of the most amazing foods, and can effectively heal stomach ulcers, detox your liver, and stop inflammation dead in its tracks. It’s also a natural remedy for a wide range of digestive disorders.

In particular, consider the 5 following key benefits of regular cabbage in your diet:

  • Blood booster: One to two glasses of cabbage juice daily adds chlorophyll and blood-building properties, making it perfect for individuals suffering from anemia.
  • Liver detox:  The cabbage juice that works so well for stomach and colon detoxes also works for liver cleansing, including as a hangover remedy.
  • Peptic ulcer treatment: Simply use the juice recipe below!
  • Stomach and colon detox: Fresh raw cabbage juice works as a detox, reduces diarrhea, and relieves intestinal inflammation. Simply drink a few glasses throughout the day; green cabbage works best for juicing.
  • Wound healing: Wash cabbage leaves, then roll flat before lightly warming in a pot of water. Once warm, place the cabbage on the wound for up to two hours, repeating as needed. This long-time natural remedy works on a wide range of wounds!

Each of the three types of cabbage (red/purple, green and Savoy) have different healthy properties. 

For instance, savoy cabbage is best in cancer prevention. 

Each of the other types of cabbage have their own special properties, such as green cabbage being best for detox.


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