You Can Grow New Brain Cells, Regardless of Age. Here’s How

Letting your brain succumb to ‘old age’ may become a thing of the past.

Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret says that it is possible to grow new, healthy brain cells, at any age.

Neurogenesis, the production of new brain cells can improve your moods, help your memory and help battle age-related brain diseases such as Alzheimers.

It was once thought that brain cells ‘die off’ when a person reaches old age, and there is nothing to be done to reverse the effects, but it has now been proven that new brain tissue can indeed be reproduced.

In 2005 it was discovered that “the discovery that the adult mammalian brain creates new neurons from pools of stemlike cells was a breakthrough in neuroscience”.

There are different ways new brain tissue can be produced, even walking for 45 minutes a day has been shown to help produce new brain tissue.

The importance of physical exercise has only recently been linked to good brain health, and increasing studies are strengthening the relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Dietary factors can also affect your brains ability to help form new tissue.

Turmeric, and it’s active ingredient circumin have been shown to have positive effects on brain growth.

Restriction of calories on very low calorie diets, and fasting have also shown to have wonderful positive effects on brain cells, and other cells in the body. Cells are renewed after short periods of intermittent fasting.

There is even a physical scientific method of ‘regrowing’ brain cells, known as Autophagy, which is described as a cleaning out of the old cells, making room for new ones.


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