This Common Phone Habit is Dramatically Increasing Your Risk of Cancer and Toxic Radiation

For years, scientists have been warning about that radiation from cell phones can actually hurt us, and they’ve been able to confirm it in 2011. A joint study from the WHO and the Agency for Cancer Research found out that mobile phone radiation is real, and significantly raises the risk of brain and other types of cancer.

As Dr. Jonathan Samet from the University of California explains, although the evidence is still accumulating, there are strong indications that there is some risk from the radiation and its relation to cancer shouldn’t be overlooked. “Considering how it could impact public health, it’s definitely important to further examine the link,” IARC’s Christopher Wild stated. “Of course, if the link is further confirmed, there will be a need for pragmatic measures in order to reduce the exposure to the radiation and its consequences on our health.”

Children are more exposed to the dangers of the radiation

When examining which age group is actually most at risk, the study concluded that the radiation does the most damage to children. Children had the highest prevalence of brain tumors and having a thinner skull consistency certainly didn’t help. Even worse, the radiation damaged the inner parts of the brain, which can be lethal.

According to professor Lennart Hardell, children exposed to cell phone radiation from early ages have the biggest risk of developing brain tumors in their teens. Even if it wasn’t for the cancer, children have been found to suffer from cognitive and behavioral problems later in their lives when exposed to high levels of cell phone radiation. Pregnant women have also been found to have a great risk of cancer by the same cause, and the risk was doubled or tripled when they talked on their cell phone several times a day. This can also lead to hyperactivity and cognitive difficulties in their children, and by the age of 7, the risk of health problems caused by the radiation go through the roof.

According to the study, pregnant women who spend a lot of time on their cell phones have a 54% higher chance of giving birth to children with behavioral and cognitive problems. If the children continue using cell phones from an early age, they are at risk of emotional and cognitive problems, hyperactivity and cancer.

Science has finally proved the damaging effects of cell phone radiation

The electromagnetic frequencies and wireless technologies have a highly harmful effect on our health – they can trigger anything from diabetes and depression to cancer and DNA impairment. In 2011, Dr. Martin Blank conducted a study on how the EMF and cell phone radiation affect our DNA, and the results were shocking. Our DNA consists has two main characteristics of a fractal antenna – self-symmetry and conduction. Both characteristics make it prone to damage from radiation and EMF, and as Dr. Blank put it, the side-effects are terrifying.

Even the mobile phone’s industry conducted a research on the matter, and the results showed a great increase in brain tumors in people who have spent more than 1600 hours on their cell phone.

How to stay safe from cell phone radiation?

In general, staying away from your cell phone will reduce the risk of the radiation’s side-effects. Children should never use a cell phone unless it’s an emergency. If you must stay online, you can switch to land lines or even use Skype or similar apps. Wireless devices are also harmful and should be avoided. Cell phones on a 900 MHz seem to work best.

When placing wireless devices in your home, make sure they’re away from your bedroom or bathroom, or turn them off if you’re not using them frequently. DECT phones are especially harmful, and have been known to radiate more. Furthermore, you need to use cell phones only in areas with excellent reception, as the phones use more power when they’re looking for a signal. Never carry a phone on you – instead, you can put it in your bag or backpack. When turned on, keep the phone at least 6 inches away from your body.

It’s also important to remember that all cell phones are dangerous – there’s no better cell phone than the others when talking about radiation. Some people are more sensitive to the electromagnetic waves, and secondary radiation exposure is a reality. When picking a headset, go for the wired Safer Headset technology product.


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