Is Crash Dieting Affecting Your Skin And Hair? You Must Read This!

Be it festivals or the wedding season, no amount of make-up or airbrushing can beat a natural healthy glow. When you feel rested and well from within, the radiance on your skin is unmissable.

Often, in a bid for quick results, we give ourselves terrible timelines to get into shape for that wedding or party next month. We turn to crash or fad diets that help us lose tremendous amounts of weight in just a matter of a few weeks or days. A crash or fad diet would basically promise quick weight loss within a few days with, what could be, a somewhat unbalanced diet. You survive on a frugal diet of salad and juices, devoid of carbs or proteins that are essential food groups for sustained weight loss. but have you noticed how a crash diet often leaves your skin dull and your hair lusterless?

According to Nutritionist Dr. Rupali Datta, “Fad diets generally remove all the nutrient rich foods that take a toll on our hair and skin. You are not eating adequate calories, eating less, avoiding fat, which is a healthy element for your skin and not taking enough protein and antioxidants through the day. Secondly, it also affects you psychologically; as it is you are eating less and seeing others eating interesting dishes will make you feel miserable and low. All the stress shows up on your skin and hair.”

Your Hair and Skin Need Quality Nutrition

Basically, fad diets take away the essential nutrients and limit your calorie intake, which eventually impacts the quality of your hair and skin. Hair loss, dry skin and chipped nails are nothing but signs of poor nutrition. You skin and hair need nutrients like protein, healthy fat, vitamin A, C and E and omega-3 fatty acids. They also require important antioxidants that prevent any cell damage and reduce oxidative stress.

Sleep is Important for Healthy Hair and Skin

Apart from all the lack of important nutrients and minerals, it is the lack of sleep that may affect your skin and hair. Changing your quality of diet can give you sleepless nights too, considering you may go to bed hungry, which is another reason why your skin fails to rejuvenate itself every night.

Stress of Dieting can Show On Your Skin and Hair 

With the change in lifestyle, you may also undergo some level of stress and mood swings – most people find themselves feeling grumpy and irritable when going through a fad diet. Mind and skin are connected on many different levels. Quite a few nerve endings are connected to the skin, so as your emotions work up, they are expressed through the skin.

Sure, you want to be in the best shape, but definitely not at the cost of losing your hair and skin to dullness. If you are keen to lose weight, eat healthy and exercise regularly and gleam like never before!  

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