The Dangers Of Air Fresheners (Plus 10 Natural Options)

Room ‘fresheners’ and sprays used by many unsuspecting people are damaging to your health.

Sprays and deodorizers made to make your room smell fresher are full of harmful chemicals which can be damaging to your health when used on a daily basis, which many are.

The cleanliness of the air in your family home should be of utmost importance, and if you are using chemicals to mask the smell of something unpleasant, you should really find the root cause of the problem rather than hide behind air freshener products.

There are natural alternatives to chemical-filled air fresheners. Here are some ideas for home-made room fresheners you can try yourself.

1. Make a pomander, an orange studded with cloves and cooked in the oven on a low heat for around an hour. This can be hung anywhere around the house for a sweet-smelling all natural room scent.

2. Simply opening the windows in a stuffy house can do wonders for the smell of your home. Rooms that have been left for long periods of time without human interaction can smell old and musty, make sure you open all windows in your home periodically.

3. Cooking spices on a low heat over a long period of time will fill your house with lovely warming scents.

4. For targeted problem areas such as a garbage can, odor neutralizers can be used to great effect. Baking powder mixed with lemon juice is great for this.
5. Vinegar mixed with lemon juice is great for clearing food mess and smells off kitchen work tops.

6. Natural flowers, potpourri and spices can be places around the home in small receptacles for a natural effect.

7. Natural essential oils can be used around the home and are available in many different lovely fragrances.

8. The zest of oranges and lemons can be used to diffuse unpleasant smells like down the drain or the kitchen sink.

9. Vinegar is great for getting rid of kitchen smells by placing a bowl of vinegar near the offending smell.

10. Cotton balls soaked in essential oils are also great for absorbing smells.


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