Decrease And Treat Toxic Mold Exposure!

Toxic mold affects the lives of many people. We either ingest it, breathe it or touch it almost every day and we aren’t even aware of that!

Mold is considered to threaten our complete well-being. This toxic matter is a silent killer present below our floors, behind walls and even inside our food! In some cases, mold can even cause death!

Many people aren’t even aware of the negative effects mold can have on our bodies. In case you don’t keep it under control, your complete immune system will fail. Many people become frustrated or confused because they have a problem with mold toxicity, but they aren’t even aware that mold is actually the real cause of that illness.

Mold Exposure Attacks Your Health and Performance

There are types of mold which release invisible chemicals which can really be poisonous. They can be killed, but it can be very difficult. They are called mycotoxins and contaminate your clothes, furniture, food etc. They affect our joints, our whole immunity, our nervous system, etc. They change the length of your life, your feelings and your thoughts.

Molds also create allergens and which can be very sensitive to people.

The Symptoms of Long Exposure to Mold

Many doctors usually misdiagnose mold toxicity as the symptoms it triggers can look like having other syndromes and diseases. Doctors often mistaken it for: chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, celiac disease, etc.

Here are some symptoms that you may have in case you’re exposed to mold toxicity for a long period of time:

  • Joint pain
  • Sleep issues
  • Neurocognitive problems
  • Auto-immune issues
  • Confusion / Brain fog / Memory loss
  • Mood issues
  • Fatigue
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Inflammatory problems
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Headaches
  • food sensitivities/GI problems
  • Tingling and numbness
  • Blurred vision

In case your immune system is sensitive and very weak, you might also have infectious diseases that will have a negative effect on your eyes, skin, lungs etc.

Where Can We Find Mold?

In case you live in a building damaged by water, you might have mold at home. It usually appears in poorly ventilated and damp areas. It sometimes appears as a problem with the plumbing, the result of a flood or a leakage in the roof. Mold can appear in areas with poor construction materials, behind drywall, in wood and underneath carpeting. Dirty HVAC systems are also known to gather moisture and dust, so they become the perfect area that will be prone to mold development.

Unfortunately, there are types of mold which grow in dry climates.

There is also a type of mold which grows in food. Foods that are especially high in mycotoxins include: chocolate, grains, wine, nuts and coffee.

We’re exposed to solvents, pesticides, various bacteria, viruses and chemicals. If you want to be high in energy, focus and performance, you need to make sure that toxic mold doesn’t make you weak.

How Can I Get Rid Of Toxic Mold?

There have been numerous studies about this problem, so you just have to be well informed and choose the method that would be the best and most appropriate for you.

Here are some of the best:

Test For Mold Exposure In The Environment

Environmental Relative Moldiness Index or ERMI is the most well-known. The EPA developed it. You should just gather samples from your home, the office etc.  

Hire A Professional Who Knows How To Eliminate Mold

In case the tests are positive, try to find a professional who will discover where the humidity is and identify all sources of mold. One of the best things you could use is a contractor grade drying system.  You’ll need to clear air exchanges, repair leaks and remove the mold. After that, you’ll have to test again.

Go To The Right Doctor

Try to find a professional who knows the ‘Shoemaker Protocol’ because you’ll have to detoxify your body from the mold illness.

Support Your Body

Don’t eat foods with yeast, fungus, sugars, mold or carbohydrates. Use supplements which will help you eliminate toxins like activated charcoal, glutathione, as well as products which will restore as well as  rebuild your mitochondria.

Inform Yourself

There is a documentary called ‘Moldy the Movie’. It will tell you all about treatments, mold diagnosis, resources and experiences from professional contractors, patients, the best experts of mold in the world as well as doctors.

You always need to eliminate mold as it can mess with our immunity. We need to have biological resources which are healthy and free!


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