Delicious Breakfast which Prevents Colon Cancer and Melts Pounds Too!

Indeed there is a healthy and delicious breakfast that melts pounds and prevents colon cancer, and it only takes 15 minutes to prepare it.

Here are four reasons why oatmeal should be included in your daily menu.

A feeling of satiety: oatmeal contains fiber which will keep you full until the next meal. It stimulates digestion and is ideal for those who want to lose some weight.

Lowers cholesterol: being rich in healthy fibers, oatmeal binds fats to itself, and thus reduces the bad cholesterol.

Regulates blood pressure: of all the foods that assist you to reduce the blood pressure, oatmeal is the best choice. It is rich in plant fibers that helps (if you regularly consume) to reduce your blood pressure by 30 percent.

Helps fight cancer: whole grain foods reduce the risk of colon cancer, as reported by numerous studies. Oatmeal can can also be helpful in the prevention of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.


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