Doctors Are Shocked! This Castor Oil And Baking Soda Combination Can Treat More Than 20 Health Problems!

Castor and baking soda: The real dream team! Read on to learn more!

We especially love how easy it is to use in castor oil wipes – you’ll just need cold pressed castor oil, plastic wrap, clean gauze, cotton towel and a hot water bottle!

Start off by cleaning your skin with the baking soda, and soak the gauze in the castor oil before applying it on the affected area.

Then wrap the area in plastic foil and warm with the hot water bottle, and wrap a towel around the bottle to secure it.

Down below are 24 more amazing uses of castor oil. They’re a must-see:

    1. Applying a coat of castor oil on the neck treats chronic coarseness and vocal cord nodules.
    2. Applied regularly for one month, castor oil eliminates moles.
    3. Baking soda and castor oil mixture eliminates dark spots on the skin.
    4. Cancer can also be treated by castor oil and baking soda mixture.
    5. Castor oil also treats ocular allergies. Simply rub some oil on your eyelids before going to bed.
    6. Castor oil can treat cataract if applied before bed time.
    7. Castor oil compress treats injures ankles.
    8. Castor oil coatings on the stomach prevent snoring in just 2 weeks
    9. Cures tinnitus if taken 6-8 drops for 4 months on daily basis.
    10. Drinking a couple drops of castor oil on daily basis will eliminate alcohol and nicotine cravings.
    11. Dripping a few drops of castor oil in your ears will improve your hearing.
    12. Efficiently treats hepatitis.
    13. Massages with castor oil reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
    14. Massaged regularly, castor oil removes calcium deposits on the soles.
    15. Prevents allergies if consumed 5 drops a day.
    16. Provides relief for back pain.
    17. Reduces hyperactivity if applied in coats on the stomach.
    18. Relieves diarrhea.
    19. Removes pilonidal cysts.
    20. Rubbing castor oil on your warts every day for a month will completely eliminate them.
    21. Rub it on your feet to completely eliminate fungal infections.
    22. Soothes and treats skin issues such as cuts, bruises and burns.
    23. Soothes bug bites and reduces itching and swelling.
    24. Stimulates hair growth if you massage your scalp with it on daily basis.
We think you’ll agree that’s quite a list! When will you start using it?

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