Doctors were Shocked – He Cured Himself from Lung Cancer and Decided to Share His Recipe

Doctors were shocked, he cured himself from lung cancer and decided to share his recipe.

Ante Kresic was diagnosed with lung cancer fifteen years ago. Croatian doctors predicted that he wouldn’t make it. However, Ante had other plans.

In fact, he managed to cope with this deadly disease with the help of homemade, natural medicine consisting of honey and medicinal herbs. Ante was producing the honey by himself, as he is a beekeeper.

He claims that the whole procedure was documented and that there are enough evidence to silence the skeptics, and to give hope to patients to continue to fight and beat the disease with this holistic, inexpensive remedy that worked for him.

The doctors were amazed by his progress. Unusually, they were encouraging him to continue what he does because his condition was improving and they were surprised by his success.

When doctors finally made a full examination, they could not find a trace of cancer in his body, thanks to the honey, which he made by himself and some herbs.

Kresic decided to share his experiences all over the world, considering it was his duty to do so.

Kresic is not the only one who testifies that this golden thick liquid can completely cure cancer if combined with spices, pine needles, ginger and some other herbs. 

Take 2 larger pieces of ginger root, 2-3 pieces of dandelion root, handful of pine needles and place them in a blender. Mix well for few minutes and pour the mixture in a glass jar over one pound (500 g) of pure wildflower honey. It is very important to get 100% natural honey, and not to by some artificial from the store.

Consume one tablespoon, 3-4 times a day. It is important to use a wooden or plastic spoon, and not a metal one. The first effects will occur already after 4 days of use.

The most important thing in the fight against cancer is to stay positive and not to give up, no matter what the doctors say.


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