We Drink It Daily But Don’t Know That It Causes Breast Cancer

We drink it daily but don’t know that it causes breast cancer.

One of the most vicious diseases that affects women around the world is breast cancer.

While there are known causative factors and ways of checking for early signs of this deadly disease, there are also factors that are caused by our own lifestyle choice.

It is believed by scientists at the Kaiser Permanente that a high diet in full-fat dairy products is a main cause of breast cancer in women.
As a matter of fact it has been proven that women with breast cancer on a full-fat dairy product diet have a higher risk of progressing to an advanced stage than women who have breast cancer but are not on such diet.

Estrogen is a hormone that boosts the growth of breast cells as well as hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer and this hormone is stored in fat cells.

It is believed that the dairy products available for sale in first world countries have a high amount of progesterone and estrogen, this is because the milk may be from cows that are pregnant.

So the general consensus is that low-fat dairy products have much lower progesterone and estrogen hormones than high fat milk.

It is recommended that if a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer she should avoid full-fat dairy products especially if the person has hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.

Scientists researched into certain full-fat dairy products to ascertain if consuming these full-fat dairy products really raises the risk of the recurrence of breast cancer.

Here are some full-fat dairy products researched into:

  • cheese
  • custard
  • pudding
  • butter
  • Ice cream
  • Whole milk
  • Greek yogurt
  • flan
  • Condensed or evaporated milk

This study involved a 12 year supervision of participants in the research.

Participants that consumed full-fat dairy products daily had a 64% risk of dying from other factors and a 49% risk of dying from complications of breast cancer.

The findings of the research is that women that consume full-fat dairy products consistently daily had a high risk of dying from complications from breast cancer.

You can improve your health by adhering to the following lifestyle changes:

  • Watch your body weight
  • Stop taking alcoholic beverages
  • Stay off smoking
  • Regular exercising is essential
  •  Ensure that you maintain a balanced diet

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