Even Doctors Are In Shock – Coconut Oil Can Kill Cancer By 93%

Even doctors are in shock, coconut oil can kill cancer by 93%.

The most common cancer in the world for both men and women according to latest stats is colon cancer. This terrible form of cancer takes hundreds and thousands of lives ever year and it seemed impossible to get rid of until now. 

A group of experts made an unsurprising discovery that coconut oil can kill cancer cells by up to 93% just after 2 days.

At Adelaide University located in Australia, where they made this discovery, they said the lauric acid or 50% of the coconut kill 93% of the sick cells cusing colon cancer. This involved in vitro study in petri dishes and in vivo with rats. Both had the same outcome. This study claimed that this acid kills cancer when it makes oxidative stress. This makes the glutathione lower and cancer depends on this.

Lauric acid is also in mother’s milk and is a fatty acid that boosts the immunity and kills bacteria too.

Clinical studies of American Nutrition Association said the coconut fats are great for curing and preventing diabetes, osteoarthritis, hepatitis, mononucleosis, herpes, biliary issues, cancer and Chron’s disease too.

In the 1960’s producers of margarine and hydrogenated oils were telling people to buy there products and not natural fats as they were bad for you. Brainwashing people to thinking there products were healthier than what came from nature. Just another way to blind people and make there profits. It’s unfortunate, the greed that has spread over time. People that rather make money than keep others healthy. The only thing we can do is just be informed and ignore the lies. Nature always wins.

Source: organicandhealthy.org

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