Every Finger Links To At Least 2 Organs – Japanese Method For Curing In 5 Minutes

Japanese people were always good at alternative medicine. As to them, every finger links to 2 organs inside and cures them.

This is named Jin Shin Iyutsu and levels all emotions with hands only. Fingers keep us balanced and healed. Also they balance energy and mind, body balance.

Also this includes every finger and its holding shortly. With this you breathe easier and massage fingers on hands tops 3 min.

More info on fingers and organs

Thumb– spleen and belly. For depression and anxiety, headaches, belly pain, skin issues and nervousness.

Index – bladder and kidneys. For fear, discontent, confusion, muscle pain, digestion, tooth pain, back pain.

Middle finger– big intestine and lungs. For fear, pessimism, sadness, digestion, skin issues, asthma.

Ring Finger – affects large intestine and lungs. Negative and sad emotions.

Pinkie– small intestine and heart. For anxiety, no confidence, bone and heart issues, throat pain.

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