Why Everyone Freezes Lemons And Why You Must Start Too

Lemons are a tropical citrus fruit that is popular all over the globe. The fruit is actually a cross between lime and citron, with a bright yellow color and a pleasant tangy taste. We mostly use lemons squeezed in a glass of warm water or tea, but some people enjoy eating them raw as well.

Lemons have a refreshing taste and are a powerful alkalizing ingredient that offers numerous health benefits. They have antiviral and antibacterial properties, can boost your digestion and strengthen your immune system, regulate your blood pressure and relieve depression as well. Although beneficial, there’s only one problem with the citrus fruit – they rot easily.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a simple method which can help your lemons last longer without compromising their benefits. Freezing the lemons will keep them fresh for a long time, and they can also be used easier when frozen. For best results, find lemons with no dark spots and a hard skin, wash them nicely with baking soda and put them in freezing bags which you should close afterwards.

You can choose between freezing the whole lemons or just slices of them. In this way, you can use the whole lemon including the zest and benefit from it completely. The zest can be grated into beverages or cookies for a nice refreshing taste. Besides the nice flavor, lemon zest has 10 times the vitamins and minerals than the fruit contains, so it’s better to use it instead of throwing it away.

Many experts agree about the incredible benefits of lemon peel, and suggest using it in any way you want. Several studies have shown that lemons and lemon peel work a lot better than chemotherapy against cancer, so maybe it’s time to include the citrus fruit in your daily diet.

Source: http://organichealthsolution.com/everyone-freezes-lemons-must-start/

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