Face Mapping – Here’s What Your Face Says About Your Health

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our face can say a lot about our health. The face may actually be the perfect indicator for the state of our internal organs and has been used to “read” these health problems for millennia.

The skin on our face is pretty sensitive and susceptible to changes due to internal problems. Traditional Chinese Medicine says that parts of the face are linked to various organs in the body, so any color changes, rashes or the appearance of pimples or acne on your face may actually be caused by an underlying problem with some organ. Continue reading the article below to learn how to read your face and detect possible health problems.

Acne on the nose – heart and circulatory problems

Poor circulation, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems may be linked to problems on your nose. If you’re experiencing any problems with your nose, we suggest detoxifying your body with a few cups of green tea each day.

Acne on the forehead – bladder and small intestine problems

Pimples and rashes on the forehead might be caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, processed food and high levels of stress. If this is the case, we recommend stopping the consumption of alcohol, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and getting proper rest overnight. Eat a healthy balanced diet as well and you will eliminate the skin problems on your forehead.

Acne on the mouth and chin – hormonal imbalance

Dehydration can cause serious problems in the body such as hormonal imbalance which can lead to chin and mouth problems. Salty and too much seasoned food, too much coffee and other factors can also cause skin problems on your mouth and chin, so stay away from too much coffee and spices until they clear up.

Acne between the eyebrows – liver problems

When you eat processed and junk food often, your liver won’t be able to function as it should, resulting in the appearance of acne and pimples between the eyebrows. In order to keep your digestion and liver function in order, you need to start consuming a healthy diet and stay physically active as well. Take yoga classes, go swimming or dancing or go for a walk in order to boost your overall health and prevent the appearance of acne between your eyebrows.

Acne on the eyebrow arch – kidney problems

If you’re experiencing skin problems on the eyebrow arch, you may be suffering from various kidney problems. This can be caused by too much alcohol, impaired circulation and even smoking, so avoid these habits and eat a healthy and balanced diet in order to make the acne from the eyebrow arch go away.

Neck and jaw acne – stomach problems

Any kind of skin problem that appears on your neck and jaw may be caused by problems with your stomach. These problems are usually brought up by eating heavy meals late, consuming too much spicy foods and high stress levels as well. In order to eliminate the acne from your neck and jaw, we suggest consuming fruits and veggies more often and spend more time with positive people.

Acne on the cheeks – lung and kidneys

Acne on the cheeks are caused by lung and kidney problems which are themselves caused by smoking, stress and a diet rich in sugar and fat. Staying hydrated is pretty important as well, so we suggest drinking plenty of water to eliminate this problem.

Acne on the lower cheeks – lung problems

Acne on the lower area of the cheeks are usually caused by some kind of lung problems triggered by smoking or air pollution. Stop smoking and detoxify your lungs with herbal blends in order to make the acne disappear.

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