Gel Manicures Carry Their Own Hidden Health Risks! Check Them Out Here!

Many women nowadays have their nails done with a technique called gel manicures. The traditional polish that has been used since the early 1900s isn’t that popular anymore. Gel manicure lasts 2 or 3 times longer than the regular one which only lasts for 4 weeks. Your nails are chip-free and shiny until you decide to remove them.

You probably think this is harmless and great. But, gel manicures last longer because they are done under a UV light (ultraviolet) which dries them faster. It means that if you do them often, you’ve been exposed to UV radiation numerous times until now.

UV radiation is very dangerous and has negative effects on your body. The story of a young woman called Lauren Ann tells of her best friend who got her nails done with gel manicure and obtained melanoma e.g. skin cancer. The girl is missing her thumbnail, but she reacted on time and doctors didn’t allow the cancer to spread everywhere. You need to be very careful if you also do your nails with gel manicure frequently.

What is Melanoma?

This is considered to be the most common type of skin cancer. The cells which this type of cancer develops are called melanocyte and they grow uncontrollably. They have a pigment in them which is called melanin. When the skin is exposed to UV radiation, it becomes dark. Here we can include the sun, tanning beds and nail lamps.

Tanning beds are extremely bad for our skin and damage it. Our skin can age prematurely or acquire skin cancer. Researches show that people who have used tanning beds before the age of 35 have an increased risk of melanoma by 75%.  

If you’re overexposed to UV light, you burn your skin and damage the melanocytes, but they also go to various parts of your body. Almost 2% of 3.5 million diagnoses of skin cancer include melanoma. It is also responsible for the most deaths caused by skin cancer.

Symptoms and Treatment for Melanoma :

A method called ABCDE method can help you find out if you may have melanoma:

Asymmetry: Some of your moles is of an irregular shape.

Border: It has a notched and irregular edge.

Color: It has dark spots over it or uneven shading.

Diameter: The size of the spot is bigger than the size a pencil eraser has.

Elevation or Evolving: The texture, shape or size of the spot are changing.

Still, if you want to be certain whether you have a melanoma, you have to go to a specialist so that they could examine it.

The treatment can be different. It depends on the stage in which the cancer is. Doctors often recommend a surgery to remove the cancer as well as radiation or chemotherapy to eliminate the cancer cells. The specialist should advise you what’s the best solution in case of melanoma.

Tips for the Safest Manicure

After you’ve read this text, you probably never want to have gel manicures again. But, be careful. Nail polish also has its own disadvantages.

According to a research performed on women tested on different toxic chemicals, all participants presented signs of triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) in them even after 10 hours of their nail polish application. This compound is very dangerous as it disturbs our hormones and it can also cause numerous other health problems.

You can use a non-toxic polish: Honeybee Garden, Suncoat or Zoya are some of the best brands. You can also go without a nail polish on. You might be natural and feel great.


Make sure you’re very careful when it comes to UV radiation and its exposure. You need to protect yourself from acquiring melanoma! Be careful when you use tanning beds as well as how often you polish your nails!


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