How to Get Rid of Fat Tissue (Lipoma) in a Natural Way

Fat tissue on the head, neck, arm or elsewhere are benign growths that can appear at any age. They are medically known as lipomas.

It is still unknown why lipomas occur, although it is believed that genetics is an important factor, while obesity and blood lipids do not play any role.
If you are wondering how to remove fat without using a scalpel or something like that, we have the answer for you. Doctors usually recommend surgical removal or laser removal, but you must know that any method does not guarantee that the lipomas will reappear.

Therefore, many dermatologists recommend natural methods, and today we introduce you to one of them that has helped many patients.

Honey and flour against the lipoma

Create a homogeneous mixture of honey and flour and apply to lipoma. It is desirable to apply a coating of a thickness of about 0.5-1 cm. Place tissue, napkin or cheesecloth over the mixture so that the mixture does not stick to your clothes.
You must leave it day an a half (actually 36 hours), and then need to take off and apply new layer. Therapy should not repeat until you replace the mixture 5 times (7-8 days). You will then see the improvement as it will simply melt the fat under your skin.


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