How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Without Any Medication?

How to get rid of hemorrhoids without any medication?

Expanding venous plexus around the anus is usually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and stress. Hemorrhoid symptoms are itching around the anus, pain during defecation, blood in the stool, runny mucus.Home recipes based on herbs can be of great help in the treatment of this unpleasant disease.

According to statistics, about one third of humanity suffers from problems with hemorrhoids, a disease that significantly impairs the quality of life.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are actually varicose veins in the anus, which can be internal or external. Pain, burning, and bleeding with bowel movements are the main symptoms of this disease that is usually caused by improper diet, prolonged sitting, insufficient physical activity, and consumption of tobacco and alcohol.However, hemorrhoids can sometimes be associated with liver disease and bowel cancer.

Stress and constipation – the most common culprits

Mental tension and irregular bowel movements are the primary causes of hemorrhoids. People who are perpetually in a hurry often makes performing the speed and pressure during the procedure anal muscles detrimental to the surrounding tissues.In addition, the additional burden of the rectum and blockage of veins, due to which it comes to hemorrhoids.

Easy walk can be alleviation

As prevention is recommended to avoid alcohol and tobacco, as well as fatty, spicy foods, along with losing excess weight and sufficient fluid intake.

Is preferred regular physical activity because it improves blood circulation. People who suffer from ailments caused by hemorrhoids are advised to daily rest of at least ten minutes, and then to lie on back with feet on the pillow.

Personal hygiene

As far as personal hygiene, is recommended daily shower with lukewarm water, and avoiding perfumed preparations for the bath. Painful places to be lubricated with grease from the buttercup and horse chestnut extract or black hawthorn.Add lemon juice and cypress or rosemary oil in the bathing water.If it is a chronic form of hemorrhoids, after a bowel you should wash the affected place and apply Calendula ointment.

The importance of proper nutrition

The food you eat is very important. Eat healthy and avoid spicy foods. Women have problems with hemorrhoids after childbirth and after some surgeries. Some people who suffer from varicose veins have a genetic predisposition to suffer from hemorrhoids.

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