How to Grow your Own Cannabis Bonsai Tree

Bonsai, the Japanese art of creating miniature trees can be used your on marijuana plants at home.

Growing your own cannabis plants at home is a great way to ensure you never run out, and also gives you an opportunity to be creative.

Bonsai is used to create plants that are appealing to look at, the Japanese culture very much applauds things that are small and cute.

But growing a bonsai cannabis plant will give you other benefits too. It ensures the plant stays small and manageable, and that only the best, most looked after buds come to fruition.

The art of bonsai works by training the plants branches to achieve the desired shape, to do this you will need a drill with a small drill bit, gardening twine and a thin wooden stake, along with the plant you wish to train in a pot.

Use the drill to make small holes around the top edge of the pot, large enough for the twine to get through comfortably.

Place the wooden stake next to the trunk of the plant, and gently wrap it around. This will ensure the trunk stays in the position you want.

To create your desired shape of bonsai tree, loop the twine through the holes in the pot, and tightening them so that you get the general desired shape you wish.

As your tree grows, you will ‘train’ the branches, using the twine and the holes to hold the tree in whatever position you would like. The plant will start growing into the design you have chosen for it. Leaves will need to be pruned from time to time, to ensure the plant stays healthy and the keep the shape of the bonsai in check.

The video below shows how to grow your own bonsai cannabis plant!


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