What Happens If You Decide To Walk 20,000 Steps a Day

The incredibly busy lifestyle of today can make us tired and even exhausted at times. We all lead a highly stressful life full of events and it’s taking a toll on our health.

This is why it’s important to learn how to relax, both mentally and physically. Take walking for example – it can help us stay active and prevent a variety of physical problems, while also keeping our mental health in check.

There are a variety of lifestyle factors which influence our health negatively. The food we eat, our unhealthy habits and relationships, the stress at work, alcohol abuse and smoking can all harm your health beyond repair. We usually forget to dedicate time for our body, and think that things will work themselves out. However, the reality is completely different, and our overall wellbeing suffers a lot because of these factors. Working out in a gym has become a necessity, but we rarely have time to squeeze a few hours in our congested lifestyle. This is where walking comes in.

How does walking help?

Incorporating daily walks into your lifestyle and routine is a simple way of relaxing both mentally and physically. Although many people don’t see it like that, walking is actually a great exercise for our body and mind. It can help you lose weight over time, resolve a variety of health problems and clear up your mind after a hard day at work. In order to benefit from it, we must walk for at least 20 000 steps in a day. It may sound hard, but you can do it. Simply ditch your car and walk everywhere you need to, and you will easily achieve this goal.

Here are some of the main health benefits of walking:

Clears the mind and reduces stress

A nice stress-free walk can easily clear your mind and help you relax. A 30-minute walk will help you rearrange your thoughts better than anything else, and is even better when you put your favorite tunes through the headphones.

Helps you stay active

Although people think that walking will only make them feel tired, this habit actually does the opposite. Once walking becomes a routine for you, your muscles will get used to it and they’re become better. Walking will channel and distribute energy to all the cells in your body, allowing it to work better as a whole. According to studies, people who walk 20 000 steps a day or more are more efficiency at work, and have significantly lower levels of fatigue as well.

Has a positive impact on our wellbeing

Walking for half an hour every day can reduce your glucose levels, prevent the accumulation of fat in your blood vessels and reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems. It’s a great therapy for heart disease patients, and a highly recommended exercise by doctors for anyone.

Makes you appreciate nature

Nature lovers are in luck – walking will help you get in contact with nature and appreciate it more. This will make you feel more positive about yourself and everything around you, so even if you live in the city, taking a walk outside of it can help you relax.

Helps you sleep better

Finally, walking will help you fall asleep easier and sleep better, especially if you take one before going to bed. It will make you a bit tired, which will definitely result in better sleep overnight. In this way, you’ll wake up full of energy and ready for the challenges ahead.

Source: http://organichealthsolution.com/happens-decide-walk-20000-steps-day/

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