This is what Happens to Your Lungs, Brain, and Mood when You Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is what happens to your lungs, brain, and mood when you get a Himalayan salt lamp.

Himalayan pink salt lamps can bring positive energy, health, and clean air in your home or office.

A bit of science

Matter is composed of molecules and molecules are made up of atoms. Atoms are made of particles which can be of three types, that is, protons, electrons, and neutrons. Electrons orbit molecules like planets revolve around a start. However, sometimes, electrons can fly off and leave a positive-charged ion behind.

Its purpose is to fill the void left by the lost electron, so it tries stealing an electron from another molecule to replace it. Hence, some materials lose electrons more easily than others because of the difference in structure.

The Himalayan pink salt lamps have amazing benefits for the health. These are some of them:

  • Neutralization of electromagnetic radiation-since we use technological devices daily, we are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation which is known to cause chronic fatigue, stress, weakened immune response, etc. These lamps emit negative ions into the air and thus neutralize electromagnetic radiation. Avoid placing the lamp near these devices.
  • Lower static electricity-they neutralize the static electricity by neutralizing the airborne ionized particles which caused the static electricity in the first place.
  • Purify the air-they successfully eliminate pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, and air pollutants. They do this by attracting the water molecules from the surrounding environment and then absorb them into the salt crystal. Hence, they become warm from the heat of the bulb and the water then evaporates back into the air, while the trapped particles remain in the salt.
  • Treat seasonal affective disorder-the negative ions which the lamp emits better the overall mood and increase the energy levels. This successfully alleviates seasonal affective disorder symptoms.
  • Relieves allergy symptoms-the lamp removes microscopic mold, dust, mildew, and pet dander particles, so it can be of great benefit for people who suffer from allergies, or asthmatic patients.
  • Betters the sleep quality-excessive exposure to positive ions reduces the sleep quality. Positive ions are known to lower the oxygen and blood supply to the brain which causes irregularities in the sleeping pattern. As the lamps emit negative ions, they will better the air quality in your bedroom and thus ensure a good night’s sleep. Keep the lamp on during the day and turn it off at night if the light bothers you.
  • Alleviates coughing-the health disadvantage of positive ions is that the cilia which line the windpipe become sluggish and the lungs are not 100% protected from pollutants. The Himalayan lamp absorbs water and particles in the air and absorbs the positive ones. When cleansed water is emitted back in the air, negative ions are released and they cleanse the lungs and protect them.
  • Better the mood and concentration-negative ions improve the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter which promotes the feeling of happiness.
  • Environmentally-friendly-the base of these lamps is made of sustainable wood like neem, whereas the bulb is low-wattage and consumes little energy.
  • Increases the energy levels-time spent in nature is pleasant since the concentration of negative ions in nature is significantly higher, same as in the Himalayan lamps. You will notice a difference in your energy after putting a Himalayan pink salt lamp in the room where you spend most of your time.
  • Choosing the right Himalayan lamp
  • The bigger the lamp, the bigger should the room in which you put it be.
  • You can have more lamps throughout your home.
  • Purchase bigger ones for the rooms where you have a lot of electrical devices.
  • Be careful when you place the lamps near steam sources like showers, dishwashers, or laundry machines as the salt crystals can start to melt.

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