What Happens When You Put Sliced Onions In Your Socks While You Sleep? You Will Be Surprised!

What happens when you put sliced onions in your socks while you sleep? You will be surprised!

We’ve all perceived onions as something that have always brought us to tears but who would have ever guessed that they too could ease away our pains?

Sounds cheesy but sliced onions really do help in healing flu-like symptoms such as cold and fever.

Dating back in Chinese’ ancient times, placing sliced onion on people’s feet had been used as medicine.

The Chinese have long determined the thousands of nerve endings on the bottom of our feet that serves as access point to our organs and our nervous system and how it can contribute to natural treatments.

The phosphoric acid that is responsible for making people cry enters the body and purifies blood making us healthier and stronger to fight off infections.

This alternative have been tried and tested by many claiming that it helps and has no negative side effect.


Start by slicing onions to put on the bottom of the feet. Organic onions are much recommended because it is free of chemicals and pesticides.

Next, “seal” the onion by putting on socks before going to bed allowing the onion to purify your blood, kill germs and bacteria and absorb toxins and funnily enough, keep your feet free of odor.

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