This Herb Is Easily Accessible And Not Many People Know That It Cures Severe Illnesses!

In this article, we’re going to discuss about the mulberry. It originates from middle Asia even though it can also be found in Europe. People in these regions grow numerous trees and plants that they mostly use for industrial purposes, but they are actually abundant in medicinal properties.

The white mulberry for example is full of numerous health as well as medicinal benefits. For industrial purposes, it is used as food for the silkworm. The fruit is extremely healthy and can protect you from numerous illnesses and diseases: cardiac illness, diabetes and even tumors.

The white mulberry is full of pectin, organic acids, fiber, vitamin C and carotene. It contains plenty of active ingredients which can cure cough, inflammation of the tonsils, headache, fever, diarrhea etc.

Health Benefits of Mulberries

The mulberries are fleshy and delicious in taste. In 100 grams of mulberries there are only 43 calories. They are full of phyto-nutrient compounds: minerals, polyphenol pigment antioxidants and vitamins which we need in order to be healthy.

Mulberries also contain phytochemicals called anthocyanins. According to numerous studies, consuming mulberries regularly can help you against inflammation, neurological and aging diseases, diabetes, prevent cancer as well as bacterial infections.

The berries are also full of resveratrol which is also an antioxidant. It especially protects our blood vessels which makes them amazing against stroke.

Mulberries are also abundant in vitamin C. There are about 61% of vitamin C in 100 grams of mulberries. If you consume foods that contain plenty of vitamin C, you’ll prevent the damage that the free radicals cause, various inflammations as well as different infections.

The berries also contain vitamin E and vitamin A, as well as numerous very powerful polyphenolic antioxidants like ß-carotene, lutein, a-carotene and zeaxanthin.

Zeaxanthin is a very important dietary carotenoid which is extremely helpful for the retinal macula lutea. It protects it from the ultraviolet rays, but also offers various antioxidant properties.

Mulberries contain plenty of iron which makes them very special since berries lack it. In 100 grams of mulberries, there is about 23% of iron. Iron is a part of the hemoglobin in our red blood cells and is very important for our blood.

Other compounds mulberries contain are magnesium, manganese and potassium. Potassium is important for our blood pressure and helps us control our heart rate. We use manganese as a co-factor for superoxide dismutase which is the antioxidant enzyme.

They contain plenty of vitamin K and vitamins from the B-complex group. They also contain folic acid, niacin, vitamin B-6 and riboflavin. These are all very important vitamins that help our body metabolize fats, protein and carbohydrates.

Mulberries can be consumed dried or fresh.

They can also assist in the destroying of cancer cells, decrease our high levels of blood sugar and also decrease cholesterol.

The Chinese herbal medicine has already been using them to prepare remedies which treat numerous illnesses and diseases.

So, try to intake these delicious berries into your everyday diet more! You’ll be able to use all of their amazing properties!

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