Here’s How To Eliminate Bed Bugs Simply And Quickly

If you’re one of those people that are called lazy for not making their bed in the morning, don’t be annoyed. As a matter of fact, scientists recently gave these “lazy” people an excuse that will turn everyone’s head around!

As you probably know, our beds are filled with microscopic bug (bed bugs) which feed on our sweat and dead skin cells, and are almost impossible to remove. However, according to recent research, leaving your bed unmade and exposing the bugs to sunlight through the bedroom window can dry them out and eventually kill them. Now let’s see others call us lazy!

The study was conducted at Kingston University and led by Dr. Stephen Pretlove. Dr. Pretlove says that making your bed after getting up in the morning will trap sweat, dead skin cells and body heat within the sheets and allow the bugs to feed on them and reproduce. However, cracking the window open in your bedroom and not making your bed will expose them to sunlight and fresh air which will dehydrated them slowly and kill them.

Studies have shown that we sweat about a liter of fluids overnight, which is more than enough to keep the mites growing. The average bed may hold up to 1.5 million bed bugs as they reproduce quickly. Of course, you shouldn’t be scared of bites – the bugs are perfectly safe except for their excrement. The droppings they leave behind in your bed have been associated with asthma and other respiratory problems, and they’re even harder to get rid of then the mites themselves.

The only way to prevent further health problems is leaving your bed unmade, and that’s a fact confirmed by many scientists. The numbers of the mites will be reduced after only one day, and you can expect to annihilate them all in a week or two. So, if your mother or friends are calling you lazy for not making your bed, there’s now a scientific fact you can hold on to.


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