Here’s Why you Need To Do a Vaginal Detox

Here’s why you need to do a vaginal detox!

Vaginal Steaming in Chinese medicine is implemented to achieve the expansion of blood vessels, better circulation and therefore better tissue nutrition, and relaxation of the muscles of the pelvic floor.

What you need to know about vaginal steaming?

The best time for vaginal steaming is the end of your period. You must avoid vaginal steaming if you suspect that you are pregnant.

Vaginal steaming is performed for a period of 20 to 45 minutes while taking caution the source of the vapor is not too close to the skin to avoid burns.

It is also extremely important to know enough about the plants that are using. The best selection of herbs steaming of the genital area are: rosemary, lavender, oregano, basil, rose and chamomile.

How to prepare a vaginal steaming?

Boil two to three liters of water and add one cup dried herbs of your choice in it. If you use fresh herbs, double the amount, as dried herbs contain higher concentrations of medicinal ingredients then the fresh ones.

Allow the herbs slightly to simmer with water, about 10 minutes, then leave a side to settle for about 5 minutes.

This liquid pour it into a bowl and place yourself over it as comfortable as possible.

Wrap a towel around your waist or a blanket, making sure that the steam doesn’t come out.

Perform the vaginal steaming for about half an hour. If you experience cramps or have increased secretions, don’t worry, it is quite normal, especially if you do this for the first time. It is a sign that your vagina is making a detox and started to clean itself.

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