Here’s how to Safely Remove Corns on Feet by Yourself

Here’s how to safely remove corns on feet by yourself.

Corns on the feet can cause great discomfort while walking. They are just like calluses, thickened and firm area of skin.

Causes of corns on the feet are also similar to those of the blisters, too much pressure and friction through which your feet are going for various reasons,”tight shoes” disease, walking barefoot or wearing high heels etc.

The only difference between the corn or callus that occur is the shape of the legs and sometimes the arms. Corns has a defined shape until the blisters can develop in any form, without defining edge. In fact, corn is a type of blister, roller blister that develops mainly between the toes. Blisters usually are not painful, but corns can be quite painful, because within them there is an internal dotted formation that gives you a sense of stinging when walking or when the pressure exerted on the corn.

How to get rid of corns on the foot

The release of the corn is not so difficult. There are many products that help and are available on the market. It includes such popular patches, known as patches for corns. Most of the patches contain some chemical additives or drugs, such as acetic acid. When sealing this patch on corn, gel substance in it penetrates the skin, and removes corns on toes or anywhere else on your feet. On the patch there is a ring which should eliminate the painful discomfort when walking.

Using the patch for eliminating the corn looks like an effective tool. However, if you are diabetic or have problems related to blood circulation, even if you have fragile skin, the use of such patches may not be the right decision for you. In such circumstances, it is necessary to take care of your feet in different ways. In some cases, patches are certainly not safe for your use. Acetic acid is used in patches or pads breaks the fat tissue, and that’s fine, but it also leads to burns that can cause infection.

So, in order to safely remove corns from feet? The solution lies in natural remedies for corns on toes, as well as elsewhere on the legs.

Homemade medicine for removing corns

Removal of corns using household medicine is not only good for those who suffer from diabetes, circulatory diseases and fragile skin, but also for everyone else, because natural ingredients are the safest means of intervention on your skin. They generally do not cause any side effects. Here are some natural remedies to remove corns on toes.

Immersion and scrubbing your feet for removal of corns

This is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of corns on the feet. It is necessary to soak the foot in warm water for a while, so rough dead skin feet well tender. Then it is necessary to remove the dead skin cells with the help of scrubbing. For this you can use a pumice stone. In the end, it is necessary to moisturize the skin and protect your fingers in a way that reduces the pressure on the corn.

Here are the exact steps that you should follow and what to use:

  • 8-10 cups of hot water, or enough to soak your feet
  • 1-2 teaspoons salt
  • Bath for the feet
  • Stone for heels
  • Towel
  • The oil or moisturizer
  • Socks

Do the following:

Fill a bucket with warm water. If you use salt, add them to the water. Salts accelerate the process of softening the skin. Keep your feet in the water for about 20-30 minutes. If your corn is at your fingertips, check that the water level is such that the sinking entire foot, so that corn is immersed in it.

After a given time, remove the legs from the basin and gently rub the stone over the place where the corn is located. Do not rub too harshly because it can lead to complications.


Then rinse your feet again and dry them. Apply a foot cream so that it is more in the area where you have bunions. Also, you can use a little oil instead of cream. Before you go to sleep pull a sock over the foot. This solution is most effective when you apply at night before bed. This will ensure that there will be pressure on the place where your corns is located, and the hydrogenation will be more efficient.

If, however, you’re doing it during the day, do not forget to put a bandage, it is desirable that it be wound feet. If the corn is not on the finger on the cheekbone or five feet, you can use the pad dressing over the corn before wearing socks. This will ensure that there is no pressure on the painful spot on your feet. The hole in the curve prevents any pressure on the painful area while walking. Repeat the process daily until you remove corns on toes or feet.

Castor oil for corns on the feet

Castor oil drastically reduces swelling and also moisturizes dry skin. For this reason, it is perhaps this oil is one of the most effective drugs not only for corns but also for other skin growths such as warts. Castor oil has a specific component for which it was claimed that completely removes warts dissolving. When it comes to natural remedies for corns, Castor oil moisturizes dry, thick and rough skin and so it seems that corn softened. You can always apply castor oil after soaking feet in water and rubbing with a pumice stone as explained in the previous recipe. To castor oil was more efficient in removing corns on your feet, you can use the following recipe.


  • Castor oil
  • Non-medical pad for corns
  • Adhesive tape

Do the following:

Non-medical tampons are more secure than others because it does not contain any chemical ingredients. They are only there to provide a secure support around the corn, so that when it writhes, there is no pressure on painful areas of the fingers and toes. These tampons have within them a hole that can be placed over the corn.

Before going to bed, wash and clean your feet properly. It works better if you soak your feet for a while and dry them with a towel. Now set the non-medical pad over the corn. Apply a thin layer of castor oil to corn. You can use a cotton swab or cotton balls that would have applied to corn oil inside the hole on the pad. Tampon cover with a piece of adhesive tape and leave overnight. You can do it during the day, but these drugs typically true miracles at night when you bunions do not mind at all.

Repeat this daily until you remove your corns on toes or feet.


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