WHY Homemade Kimchi Could Be Your Secret Weapon Against FAT, Aging, Diabetes…!

Why homemade Kimchi could be your secret weapon against fat, aging, diabetes…!

This popular Korean condiment is hiding a whole range of health benefits.

Not usually associated with being a ‘health’ food, kimchi is served in Korea, mainly a side-dish as an accompaniment to other foods. But kimchi is actually one of the best foods you can eat, and could prevent you from certain diseases.

Kimchi’s secret health benefits start with the fact that during the process of making it, it is fermented.

This creates a culture of pro-biotics behind, very helpful for keeping your digestive system and gut healthy.

Kimchi is made from cabbage which has long be known to be a healthy vegetable.

It is very low in calories, high in fiber and has been connected with defeating certain types of cancers.

Some of the best reasons you should add kimchi to your diet are:

1. Looking after your gut

We can all do more to look after out digestive systems, and the fact that the main ingredient in kimchi, cabbage, is one of the best things you can eat for your gut coupled with the fact it is fermented gives it an extra kick at being able to keep your stomach happy.

2. High in antioxidants

The high levels of antioxidants found in kimchi mean it is great at protecting you from free radicals, loose electrons that can cause certain cancers. It is also a great anti inflammatpry which means it can help eczema and arthritis.

3. Helps your immune system

Kimchi contains flavonoids and phenolic components found in the ginger, garlic and peppers which are used in the process to make kimchi. These are great for helping boots your immune system and keep infections at bay.

4. Helps fight against cancer

Cabbage contains flavonoids, which have been shown to be helpful in fighting against certain cancers by inhibiting their cell growth. Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage are also high in glucosinolates, which have also been shown to fight cancer growth.

5. Helps anti-ageing

It is true to say that many Koreans have a much more youthful appearance than their western counterparts, this can be attributed in many ways to their diet. The high level of anti-oxidants present in kimchi help work to keep the skin looking young and healthy by stopping cell oxidization.

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