The Horrifying Link Between Childhood Autism And Glyphosate Poisoning

Cases of Autism has skyrocketed since the 1970’s.

In 1975, only 1 in 5,000 kids would have a chance to develop autism. By 1985, it increased to 1 in every 2,500 kids. In 2005, it was 1 in every 166. We are currently at 1 in every 68 children.

“If environmental cause is contributing to an increase, we need to find it.” – says Craig Newschaffer, an epidemiologist from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When we see the rates of autism increase at a fast pace, like it has been, it makes the case for looking into some environmental factors that could be contributing to the sharp increase over the past few decades, a serious importance. The medical community is aware that genetics is just a small piece of the puzzle.

What many are looking at for the culprit behind the increase in Autism, is the pesticides used in the agricultural industry. Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior researcher from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), says that “At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic.”

There is a link between the increase in the use of Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide on crops and the rise in cases of autism. Doctors are finding that autism’s symptoms mimic glyphosate toxicity and other nutritional deficiencies.

Dr. Seneff also believes that vaccines filled with aluminum could be contributing factors to the rising rate of autism. Her research has found that pesticides are linked to may health conditions, from Alzheimer’s and cancer, to Parkinson’s and autism.

A big question.. Why would Monsanto, who runs the worlds food supply, claim that glyphosate isn’t harmful even though evidence shows the latter? Roundup is 125x more toxic than glyphosate.

Roundup is the most toxic among the herbicides and insecticides tested in one study.

The usage of glyphosate increased by 1500% from 1995 to 2005. 100 million pounds of glyphosate are used annually on more than a billion acres. Dr. Seneff’s research led to the identity of glyphosate’s toxic effects.

Glyphosate side effects are: 
• Kills beneficial gut bacteria and allows pathogens to overgrow.
• Interferes with function of cytochrome p450 (CYP enzymes).
• Chelates important minerals (iron, cobalt, manganese, etc).
• Interferes with synthesis of aromatic amino acids and methionine.
• Leads to shortages in critical neurotransmitters and folate.
• Disrupts sulfate synthesis and sulfate transport
Pesticides that are currently used are found to be 1,000x more toxic that what regulators are willing to say. There is evidence that points out the flaws within the so-called “safety evaluation”:

“Adjuvants in pesticides are generally declared as inerts, and for this reason they are not tested in long-term regulatory experiments. It’s surprising that they amplify up to 1000 times the toxicity of their APs in 100% of the cases where they are indicated to be present by the manufacturer “R. Mesnage et al., Biomed Research International, Volume 2014.

Dr.Seneff explains the “bio-indicators” of autism:” These include low serum sulfate, disrupted gut bacteria, inflammatory bowel, serotonin and melatonin deficiency, mitochondrial disorder, zinc and iron deficiency, and more. These can all be explained as potential effects of glyphosate on biological systems.” Recently, a team of researchers from RMIT university found that sticking to a clean, organic diet can lower the exposure of pesticides by 90 percent in adults.

An assistant professor in the School of Allied Health Sciences Department of Community and Environmental Health at Boise State University, Cynthia Curl, published a study on pesticide exposure in the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal, that focused on two groups, who ate the same portion of fruits and vegetables for a week. Those who ate organic had reduced OP pesticide levels than those who ate produce with pesticides on it.

“The change in how agriculture is produced has brought a change in the profile of diseases. We’ve gone from a pretty healthy population to one with a high rate of cancer, birth defects, and illnesses seldom seen before. Tobacco companies denied the link between smoking and cancer, and took decades to recognize the truth. The biotech and agrochemical corporations are the same as the tobacco industry; they lie and favor business over the health of the population.” – Dr. Medardo Avila Vazquez, a pediatrician specialized in environmental health.

For many decades we have done nothing about pesticides and in the process it has caused many diseases. About two decades ago, at the National Research Council, scientists made a call for action for the protection of young children from exposure to harmful pesticides. To this day, many kids are exposed continuously to harmful pesticides everywhere they go.

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