Iowa Girl Faces Death After her Life was Destroyed by Gardasil Vaccine

The film crew from VAXXED have been interviewing people who lives have been ruined because of a vaccine, they recently interviewed Sydney Weggen who’s life has been changed forever because of the Gardasil vaccine.

Sydney’s school recommended she had the vaccine after a fellow pupil at her school ‘coughed’ on her when suffering from pertussis.

She was 11 years old at the time, and was very active, dancing for 5 hours a day, but she is not able to dance at all any more.

Sydney’s parents took her to the doctor and they were offered the Gardasil vaccine. They were familiar with the vaccine from seeing television adverts promoting it and they decided to go ahead with the treatment. Sydney was given her first Gardasil straight away and the second shot a few months later.

The problems started soon after, with Sydney losing her appetite, which lead to weight loss. She lost over 20lbs before her 12th birthday, a huge amount for a young girl, she later also became anemic. The doctors told her parents it was a psychiatric problem and that is was “all in her head.”

Her condition deteriorated, which led to blood tests being taken. Only after this was it suggested that something physically might be wrong with Sydney. She was referred to a University hospital to be tested for illnesses like Crohn’s Disease or Lupus.
The test results showed that Sydney’s right lung was full of fluid, yet the doctors still had not made the connection between her illness and the vaccine.

Sydney was now very ill and her weight had dropped to 66lbs, it was then her parents realised she was dying.

The parents have now spent  $20,000.00 on tests, and have still not been given any answers.

Watch the full interview here.


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