If you have Joint Pain, Rheumatism and Arthritis, this Recipe is the Right Solution for you

Say goodbye to joint pain, rheumatism and arthritis with this natural remedy.

In case of severe joint problems you should see your doctor, but there are certain natural remedies that can alleviate milder problems, such as this one.

And the good thing is that you need only these 3 ingredients, which you surely have at home:

1 potato
1 red onion
1 tbsp flaxseed
1 cup water

Put a tablespoon of flaxseed in 1 cup of water and let it stay for half an hour. Then put in a pan on fire and cook for about 10 minutes.

During that time, wash the potato and grate it along with the peal. Do the same with the red onion.

When the water with flaxseed cool down, add the onions and potatoes and mix well. Drain the excess liquid.

Wrap the mixture in gauze and place it as a coating on the affected area. Fix it well.

Leave on throughout the night and in the morning, remove the coating and wash with soap and water.

Repeat this procedure for few days, more if necessary, and the results will delight you.

Source: http://www.finelivingadvice.com/if-you-have-joint-pain-rheumatism-and-arthritis-this-recipe-is-the-right-solution-for-you/

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