Ladies, You Should NEVER do this When you are in your Period!

Ladies, you should NEVER do this when you are in your period!

During the menstrual cycle, women are without power and without a desire for movement and socializing. During that time they just want to sit at home and able to nibble sweet food. And it’s wrong.

However, there are actions that the rights over the cycle, and no one should:

Unprotected sex

Chances to get pregnant. To avoid numerous infections, it is best to abstain from sex until your last cycle.

Skipping meals

Try not to skip meals. You must keep in mind that at that time lost a lot of blood, and food energy returns.

Strenuous physical activity

If you experience pain in the back or stomach …

If you experience pain in your back or stomach, avoid physical work because the pain in that case will only increase.

Fast food

Eat fast food in two hours after midnight. OK. Enjoy it if you can refrain, but do not overdo it. It is best not to skip meals during the day.

Cold water

You should not drink cold water because it allegedly menstrual blood remains in the uterus wall and after 5-10 years can cause cancer.

We tried to check this information, but no relevant evidence. However, it is true that cold can aggravate and intensify the pain.

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