How to Make Your Own Okra Hair Grow Conditioner & Face Mask Against Oily Hair and Wrinkles

How to make your own okra hair grow conditioner and face mask, against oily hair and wrinkles. It is quite simple and easy to make!

Although considered one of the oldest healthy foods, okra is largely forgotten.

Okra is a rich in Vitamins A, C and K, contains Copper, Thiamine, Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, Folate and many other nutrients. 

There are records that even Cleopatra used okra for skin care, making the skin, especially on the face smooth and tight.

Okra face mask

If you want to try all the amazing beneficial effects of this vegetable, you need to blend three to four tablespoons of previously cooked okra. Apply the resulting paste on a clean face, leave to stand for five minutes and then rinse. Repeat the procedure for a week.

After this simple treatment your complexion instantly becomes silky, soft and smooth. You will notice the first results right after the first few days.

Okra hair grow conditioner

Get 6-7 pods of okra and slice them horizontally. Place 1 cup distilled water into a pot and place the sliced okra in it (you can reduce or increase the amount of okra and water depending on your hair length).

Place the pot over fire and let it simmer on low heat. Once the mixture gets a loos gel like texture, remove from fire. You can add few drops of essential oil by choice to cover the okra scent.

Once the mixture is cooled down, strain!

Apply the mixture on wet, shampooed hair. Massage your scalp nicely. Let it act for 5 minutes than rinse with water.

This amazing plant is well known in promoting healthy and quicker hair growth, strength and glow.

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