McDonald’s and Monsanto Are Both ‘Losing Money Fast’

We never would have believed this even a few years ago, but in recent months the number of sources sound alarms over the financial decline of such giants as McDonald’s and Monsanto has grown truly staggering – that’s the sound of progress!

As CNN asks, “Is McDonald’s doomed?” Business Insider declares “McDonald’s Is Losing America.”

Shockingly enough, it seems more people are starting to ask what’s actually in their food – and some of the giants of big food are starting to suffer losses.

We’ve written plenty about both McDonald’s (and other fast food) and Monsanto, so you’re well-informed of the dangers of both, but is it surprising to see the rest of the world responding as well?

As noted previously, McDonald’s has already been shut completely out of Bolivia, and other parts of the world are responding similarly.

Back in 2014, even, Monsanto was already claiming losses – $156 million in the fiscal fourth quarter alone. As the Associated Press notes, the losses came even as Monsanto continues to spend millions in attempts to stop GMO food labeling.

Monsanto knows it’s bad business for them if you know what’s in your food – 96% of Monsanto shareholders, in fact, oppose GMO labeling legislation here in the United States.

Can we keep up the momentum?


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