How Much You Should Walk Everyday to Start Losing Weight?

The healthy lifestyle is on the rise in recent years, and there are many reasons why. Obesity is almost an epidemic, so people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers it brings.

Eating healthy has become a trend just like exercising, and it’s making us healthier and more energetic. But, are you aware that there are simpler ways of staying in shape than simply hitting the gym?

Most people stick to cardio and strength exercises in order to lose weight. And they’re effective – jogging and swimming can make you lose a lot of weight, but there is one exercise which works even better. We’re talking about walking – a powerful cardio exercise that will make you lose a great amount of weight with no extra efforts.

Actually, walking might be the best option for slimming down. It’s a simple, powerful and effective exercise that will work on all your muscles so you can stay in shape. But, have you ever wondered how many kilometers you need to pass daily in order to see results? We’re here to clarify this. It’s not just the distance you should be considering – you also need to pay attention to your weight and speed as well. Create your own schedule and walk every day, and the results should be visible soon. Use a pace counter – it will help you regulate the level of physical activity.

 Here’s an estimation of how much weight you’ll be able to lose:
  • 100 kcal. = 2000 steps=1.6 km.
  • 1 kg. of weight=140 000 steps=7000 calories=112 km.

These figures are variables which are affected by different factors such as your weight, the speed you walk with and your health condition as well.

The best thing about walking is that it’s simple to perform and requires no additional equipment. It won’t even take that much of your time as well – simply walk to work or when sending your kids to the school, take the stairs instead of the elevator or simply go for a nice relaxing walk in the evening. When walking, make sure to keep your back and shoulders straight. Use comfortable shoes and light clothes, and increase the duration and tempo every day bit by bit. For best results, we recommend walking 3 times a week.

Stay on the track and ditch the car for the next few months, and you will definitely see improvements. Change your lifestyle and start living healthier as well, and you’ll be able to unload a lot of weight just in time for summer.


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