Must Try!! 6000-Year-Old Recipe That Will Clean The Fat In The Blood, Regulate Your High Blood Pressure And More!

Must try!! 6000-year-old recipe that will clean the fat in the blood, regulate your high blood pressure and more!

This recipe might be the oldest ever, and people are still amazed to have the opportunity to use something ancient Greeks used. It was commonly used in the Middle East as well.

In Greece, these delicacies are known as “pastels.” Even Homer mentioned these in his Iliad. Find them under the name Intrion. This is the tastiest treat you will ever have, not to mention its fantastic health benefits.

You probably wonder what makes these pastels that terrific. It’s that they are made from only 2 incredible ingredients– sesame and honey which is why often these delicacies are known as honey pies.

Health benefits

The content of these pastels will take your health to another level. They are not only healthy, but also provide healthy part of zinc, iron, fiber, magnesium, calcium, copper, vitamins and other vitamins also. These are practically all the nutrients you need.

  • Researchers have found that both ingredients work in a synergy to regulate cholesterol levels in blood.
  • The pastels will also regulate your heart beat, blood pressure and blood circulation.
  • Enjoy in these every day to get an instant energy boost to get through our daily activities.
  • Regular use of these pastels will help you treat chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety, and depression.
  • The mighty duo will help you cope with chronic stress, and you must notice an improvement within a couple of weeks.

Pastels will offer you over 182 elements that are useful for your overall health.
The abundance of anti-oxidants will prevent the development of abnormal cancer cells, and other diseases that harm the body at cellular level.

One or two pastels before every important occasion will offer you an instant energy boost, and will fuel the organism. Try this recipe, and tell us what you think.

First, let’s go through the instructions.


  • 300 grams of tahini (paste made from pure ground sesame seeds)
  • 300 grams of natural honey

Note: You can find ready tahini in healthy food stores.


Mix these two ingredients in a bowl. Before placing them in the container, pour the accumulated oil that has formed on the top of the pan with the tahini.
Both ingredients are liquids, the thing that is very interesting is when are well mixed, they are hardening into a mass that can be formed as a modeling clay.

During the mixing process, you can add a handful of crushed pieces of walnuts, almonds, pistachios or hazelnuts in this mixture if you want.
Some, while making this recipe, bake the mixture, which we do not recommend you to do, due to the large loss of useful components but also for the taste.

Make yourself some balls or other interesting shapes. Roll the balls in whole sesame seeds.
The balls need to be arranged on a platter and placed in the fridge.

The pastels balls need to stay in the refrigerator. You can take 2-3 balls every day as a cure but also as treat. However, it will be very difficult to do that when you try how much delicious they are.
Be moderate because they are true energy “bombs”.

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